Lienhard "Matchapparat" 4mm for the Swiss 7.5mm rifle

This set is in a wood and steel box made to be mounted on a wall. The upper panel slides off to remove the contents which include a 4mm sub-caliber barrel, a reloadable cartridge, a box of ammo and cleaning tools. The 4mm barrel has multi-grooved rifling. The reloadable steel cartridge unit is adjustable for headspace by screwing the base in or out. The front of the cartridge comes off to load a primer for propulsion. A 4mm lead ball is then loaded into the front of the cartridge. The paper and cardboard box of ammo has a partition to separate the lead shot from the primers.

The wood and steel box also serves as a target holder. The lower front panel has a wire sticking out of the front. Pulling a string attached to the wire causes a human shaped target to turn so that it can be shot at. I suppose a partner would pull the string and then release it after a few seconds so that the shooter could practice snap shooting. In addition to the small human targets there is also an assortment of stationary targets in various sizes. Inside the wooden box is a steel plate to stop the 4mm projectiles. The box also contains some literature including instructions. The instructions are for both the rifle and the .30 cal. Swiss Luger, but this set is only for the rifle. The rifle pictured appears to be the 7.5 K31.
Any information regarding this set would be of interest.

Thank you.

It says there are more than 45000 in use, so I assume it is made for a civilian market. Was it made post-war? Love those old style adverting pictures!!

Hi Greg, great Lienhard set, thanks for posting these pictures.

This model for the K31 was patented in 1935 by Walter Lienhard of Kriens, Lucerne, Switzerland, while the one for the Parabellum pistol was patented in 1938. Between 1923 and 1961 he designed several subcalibers using a Lienhard primer and 4 mm ball, 4 mm Übungsmunition M. 20, .22 rimfire, and 4 mm Lienhard. Also, he designed a reducer for the 8 mm Lebel rifle.

Thank you for the data Fede, it’s interesting to see the patent drawings. A google search turned up several other types of Lienhard sub-caliber units, but no target boxes like this one and not much ammo.

I only wish I could read and understand more of the information in the flyers.

BTW, are the big primers in the little box specially made by Lienhard or are they a standard Berdan primer that could once have been obtained from reloading suppliers?

Just to round out this thread, since the instruction sheet for the rifle adapter also showed the similar device for the Swiss Luger 7.65 mm pistols, I thought I would photograph my kit for this thread. Note it is for the “Ordonnanz-Pistole” which at the time was any of the four basic models of the “Pistole Parabellum” as made in Germany and Switzerland for the Swiss Government. You can see this box refers to the device as a "Kleinkaliber-Einsatzlauf Kaliber 6 m/m. It is somewhat different than the 4 mm device shown on the instruction sheet pictured on this thread.

Unfortunately, I have only what is pictured. I do not have the instruction sheet, targets, or the like. This particular device was sold by the F. Stampfli Waffen, of Luzern (Lucerne), Switzerland and evidently sold at the time for 40 Swiss Francs. It is the System Lienhard, as marked right on the wooden case lid. It appears to me that the “cartridge,” which is two piece, is so-constructed for loading the 6 mm cartridge into it. I doubt it could function as a short-stroke piston and work the action of a Luger pistol. You can see the folding front sight on the left end of the barrel shroud. On the right end of the barrel shroud, as pictured, you can see a notch at the top of the wide, knurled ring. This slips around the original front sight of the pistol to orient the unit properly on the barrel. The shroud would normally be tight up again the muzzle nut. I have shown it pulled back a little in my picture for clarity of the design.

The unit came in the box shown, along with a cleaning rod, cleaning-rod jag-type tip and a bore-cleaning brush. I assembled the tip to the rod in this picture, but it must be taken off the rod for the rod to fit into its place in the box.

I have this unit as part of the 7.65 mm Luger section of my cartridge collection, and the box to be with my collection of 7.65 mm Luger boxes. It is, after all, simply a very large adapter cartridge.

Picture and Collection of John L. Moss

These units are interesting and well made. I wonder if Lienhard ever made one to convert the 7.5 M1889 Swiss service revolver for sub-caliber practice?

Lienhard ammunition does not show up that much in U.S. collections, is it more common in Europe?

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