Lighten your day

Since it’s Friday, let’s lighten up our mood a bit.

And, somehow, mr. Silver the cat likes ammo as well as me and takes deep interest each time I pull out my collection for photos


A ‘picture,’ of concentration.

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Cats have a “Sixth Sense” for getting in the way.


What a delightfull picture i love it,it made my morning
of course the cartridges are of great interest

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Our Russian Blue prefers 9mm Para

With a deft swipe of the paw, the cat ferociously knocks the cartridges to the floor. Bring me my food, human.

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My feline asst loves to run off with less lethal projos, balls, batons, foam…has yet to swipe anything big $$$. (seems to never complain about how many & how much $ I spend )

Einstein the African Grey parrot checking out a Holland & Holland .465E cartridge.


Love it!

Our Corgi & Australian Cattle Dog mix seems to like something about the smell of my 5"/38 USN HC shell.

Silver has good taste in what he collects. Thanks for sharing.

Hm, my fishes don’t seem to take particular interest in my collection.

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Maybe you’ll try to store it inside the aquarium?

I bet they would love 12.7mm and bigger empty cases to hide in… Some short howitzer cases would make for interesting caves.

And 155mm artillery projectiles without fuzes would be their luxury suites I guess. :-)

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Now I really feel for redecorating the aquarium, hehehe. But I guess my wife will not agree.

Sammy was my buddy for 18 years.


Was Sammy “CatOne”?

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Cat One, good one , yes In the business, then 4 other rug rats :-)

Yes, owning lots of cartridge boxes it would be sad if mice would bite off the corners!
You need to keep your “catsonnel” on guard all the time.