Lightfield LLR, Inc


I became aware of an American company called Lightfield LLR, Inc., of New Jersey, which markets what they call “Less Lethal” shotgun ammo. It shoots various rubber and plastic projectiles. Their web site seems to stress law enforcement usage. We are allowed to have deeply penetrating ammo, so one may assume the same for non-penetrating ammo, but I’ll ask anyway: Are we, non-police mere mortals, allowed to have it?


Vlad–As far as I know there is nothing illegal about us mere mortals owning or possessing these types of cartridges. The question is more of “Will the company sell it to non-police people?”. When George Kass and I had Forensic Ammunition Service, we catered ONLY to the police, government agencies and crime labs. Not because most of what we sold could not be sold to the public, althrough some of it was restricted types (such as tear gas, KTW, etc.), but we just did not want the paper work and record keeping involved with public sales. We did sell to collecters at cartridge shows but did not seek or invite the public to our place of business, either in person or by mailorder.


I have spoken to the ATF on the requirements associated with LE Only Ammo. The bottom line is that, as far as I can tell, this designation has nothing to do with the ATF or any other Federal Government agency or with any State requirements. LE Only is a designation established by the ammo industry to limit their liability for certain types of ammo. If some has a pistol failure using +P+ ammo and is injured, the intent is that the LE Only requirement will help protect the manufacturer from a Law Suit!!! Most companies are very careful with who they release this ammo to… If the ammo gets out into the commercial market it is not the company’s problem. I have never been able to break this and the best I have ever done is to get empty unprimed cases and sometimes a bullet from a company that sells LE only ammo. Even a letter from the ATF won’t get you this ammo. In all cases I have encountered, it requires an order on Police stationary and a police delivery address!!! This is particularly true of non-lethal ammo cause used improperly, it is usually can be lethal.