Link Manufacturer ID


I need the ID from this Manufacturer on a .30-06 Prideaux link.
Only a C is stamped.


Not an answer to identifying the maker of these links, but possibly some additional “background” information on these links-

The links are pictured on Vickers Machine Gun website accessories page
(were pictured, the Photobucket pictures are now missing from the website page) along with a carton marked
" Vickers Cal. .30 " that holds 10 of the links. The information provided with the picture of the links & carton:

" .30" Air Service Link (US)
As used for the .30-M1906 chambered M1915 and M1918 Air Service guns in use with the United States of America. "



I have a full box with these links…the three missing links are out for a photo. ;)
Thanks for the link.


I have the same box Rigby shows holding links also stamped with a “C”.

I THINK this means Colt but may well be wrong.

These links are also found unmarked with the copper finish as shown in Rigby’s box…
Also this box with phosphate (?) coated unmarked links.

Vickers unmarket link


Are there many “links” like this displayed at the cartridge shows in South Dakota and St. Louis? Heard the Brookings show is primarily pistol and shotshells. Tom from MN




At SLICS there are typically more “links” than you can “shake a stick at”, displayed and for sale.



Hi Rob,

I can’t help with its identification, but here is a list of the few companies that received contracts for their manufacture during 1918 and early 1919:

  • Traut & Hine Manufacturing Company: links (after the war they adopted the parkerizing process).
  • Hart & Cosby Company: links
  • General Fire Proofing Company: 11 mm Vickers links
  • Worcester Pressed Steel Company: .30 Marlin-Browning links
  • Crosby Company: links
  • Sargent & Company: links

Here is a picture of the 250 box containing these links. It can be found filled with copperized “C” and parkerized variants, which would be an indication of post-war production.

Also, you can find related information and pictures in this earlier thread (updated images): Air Service Weekly Ammunition Report, 1918




Just a thought, Colt was never shy to feature their name on any product. If the links would be Colt made it most likely would have been indicated accordingly or?


Alex given the list Fede supplied your most likely correct.

Plus the only links I have marked Colt use the spelled-out Colt logo (Cal. …30, .303" & 7.9 Mauser) and with just “COLT” on the Cal. .50 M-2 link.

I do have a 11mm Vickers link with this same “C”.
Perhaps that will help make a connection.
11mm Vickers link


Thanks for the list and the beautiful picture from the 250 link box.


Nice 11mm Vickers link. :)


Links for 7.65 x 53.5 Mauser…
65 Colt Links0001


Neat Randy, have a tinned one marked the same as yours but as it’s not stamped Colt I didn’t mention it above, but it is by Colt.

The blackened one of yours is one I’ll be looking for!


I don’t want to hijack the thread, but I have some Prideaux links I would enjoy having some manufacturing information on myself:

-Flat bar instead of having a reinforcing indent

When I acquired these, there were .30-06 blanks shoved in between and (with considerable straining and good pliers) I was able to pull them out. I stuck an empty .303 in between two and I am confident that is the correct cartridge. Other than a fair amount of rust, they are unmarked.


@ Strelok, your last Prideaux links are Italian for Breda-SAFAT aircraft machinegun in caliber .303 (7.7mm).




Somewhere (probably from a machine gun forum), I picked up the information that the .303 and .30-06 Prideaux links are so dimensionally similar that they can only be told apart by the flat: The .30-06 has a groove impressed and the .303 is just flat. Can anyone else comment on this?



I found two more US companies that manufactures links during WW1:

  • Crosby Company, Buffalo: links (1918)
  • Sargent & Company, New Haven, Connecticut: links (1918)

I will add this to the former list.