Link test - please respond!


I’m experimenting with different ways of making my cartridge photos available to all to view and Hotmail’s Skydrive looks to be favourite at the moment…if I can get the link to work.
Could somebody please click on this link below and tell me what they can see - if anything! With a whole lot of luck it’ll take you to a series of folders containing a photograph of each and every one of my cartridges.


There’s nothing at this site except the words “Ammunition Collector”. There’s no photos.

Your link is not represented correctly.

You used:

This is not a link. It is the complete HTML for the entire page.

The correct method to put a link in your topics would be:

There’s a button in the menu bar that looks like [url]. If you click you mouse button in your message where you want the link then click the URL button you will get this, “”. Then just copy and paste your link to your site between the center square brackets, “LINK”. Links start with HTTP://

Also you should change your page name to “AmmunitionCollection” (skip the space between the words). If you look in your link, the page name looks like “Ammunition%20Collection”. The “%20” means “space” in web talk. Some web browsers have trouble with spaces in a name.

I know this is probably as clear as mud but I hope it helps a little.


Many thanks Roger - it’ll take me a while to get my head around your advice so I’ll print your reply off, study it for a while, and then give it a go!


It can’t be this straight forward - can it?


[quote=“Jim”]It can’t be this straight forward - can it?[/quote]

Yes, that’s the correct method but you missed the “%” (Ammunition%20Collection)
It should be:

Your photo folders are now being shown. This is a different link than in your previous message.


Thank you for your help - I think i’m there now!


EXCEPT that someone like me, who doesn’t have an account there, gets directed to a “live drive” sign in page.


Tailgunner, as far as I know you don’t need an account with Hotmail or anybody else to view photos in Skydrive and, if the link is working as it should, these pics should now be available to all to view.
I suspect you’re referring to the first page that opens where it implies that the facility is not available - simply click on the button that says ’ Go to SkyDrive’ and it should all open up for you.


Jim- I’m looking forward to seeing all the stuff you have. How did you convince the missus to let you use the PC long enough to do this? Or, maybe you didn’t tell her??



Ray, at 53 years of age I’ve decided to stand up for myself and demand more computer time - and I now get a whole hour a day.
The down-side is that I now have to wash all the dishes, do all the cooking & shopping, do the ironing, walk the dog…
So are you able to access my photos or do you have the same problem as Tailgunner?



I hate to use up any more of your 1 hour allotment, but I don’t see a “Go To Skydrive” and it looks like I have to register to view. Not that there’s anything wrong with registering. If I must, then I must.



Hmmmmm, this isn’t going too well. I don’t know what’s involved with the registration process but if it seems straight forward could I ask you to give it a go please Ray?


That’s odd. I was able to go right in before. Now it wants you to log in. That will be a major problem for you as some people just will not do it. It’s also a Windows Live site so I don’t know if people using a MAC or Linux system will be able to get in or even see it at all. Windows Live is another Microsoft software wonder… Too bad, it looks like you put a lot of time into it.


Same here, first time direct acces and now i need a login.


This may be a setting in your control panel on your website. Look to see if you have it set to be a public site or a private website. It is probably called something else but basically a private site requires a password or log-in to see.


Hi Roger,
I do appreciate you trying to help on this - I’m beginning to find it all seriously frustrating!
As far as I can tell my ‘Ammunition Collection’ folder is set up for ‘everyone’ to access so I don’t think that’s the issue.
If you could send me your email address in a PM then I can send you a direct link to the photos, if you think this may help…


This link seems to be working now??


Roger, the link has always worked for me. Are you saying that you can now access the folders and the photos they contain? If so then I wonder whether it’s because I sent you a direct link?
It would be good if somebody else out there could try the link again to see if it’s now working properly…Tailgunner, Scally, anybody?


You’re a registered user so you will always be able to see your own site.

I was able to get in from the link that you sent me but the link that I posted above worked for me also. It’s possible that they were working on the site and now have it back to normal. I did notice that your photos were marked for public access on my last visit. I gave the HTML page code a quick scan and I didn’t notice any reason why people can’t access it. But I didn’t read it fully because it was a large document with tons of code embedded.


Okay, this all sounds promising. It would be good to hear from Tailgunner and/or Scally confirming that they can get into it and then I’ll post the link in a new thread under the General Discussions board.
Thank you Roger.