Link to a new plan governing our hobby here in the USA

Is anyone surprised by this? One more step to a Police State in America. Like many of these idiotic schemes (not idiotic to those behind it - their aim is the total helplessness of America’s citizens to defend themselves against criminals, terrorists, and totalitarian government - that is the whole idea) started in my home state of California, naturally, the best example of what awaits the nation when intellectually-challenged people like Wasserman are calling the shots.


At this moment in time I do not know if word has reached you yet that,we as Canadiens
Gun owners and people that are connected with all that encompasses our beloved hobby.
We are faced with one of the most decisive elections concerning us all.If this radical
socialist slime will form the next Governement again the end of the Canadian Firearms
community will only be a question of time and in time anything that is connected to it
and make no mistake about it the day will come when they will reach across to you too

The push to regulate is nothing new. The anti gun types are most active when the Senate or presidency is beyond their control, and so they love to thrust a lot of pointless anti gun bills ahead which they know will fail. Then when they are in power, they are suddenly less hawkish on gun laws. Of course the anti gun crowd is ever lurching further towards bans / confiscations, but what’s new.

Look at Germany / EU (= entirely useless), the gun dictate we have here is what your politicians are looking forward to.

And just for a funny detail:
If a gun owner in Germany would state that he is willing to use his gun against a totalitarian govt or against a burglar he would be stripped of his guns and regarding licences THE SAME DAY !

I realize I’m calling about the sky falling posting this, but on the other hand it is a very real threat.

I just had some news that with the impeachment hearings that it’s likely gun control bills will take a back seat in the house.

it just never ends

While the bill under discussion has slim chance of passage right away, it is the next step to follow the similar “Universal Background Check” bill on gun (HR 8) what already passed the House and is awaiting action by the Senate. Its provisions are nearly identical, applying to guns, but not ammo. Of course, a simple amendment in the future could add “and ammunition” after "guns.
Note that the transfers between licensees with FFLs specifically omits any mention of people with Curio & Relic FFLs in HR 8 or the ammo bill.

The best defense to stop passage of these include:
(a) a strong and well funded NRA. Yes, there are major problems with the current NRA leadership, but as long as they can keep fighting to protect our rights, we need to fund them and sort out the problems later.
(b) giving lots of money to help pro-gun candidates in tight races. You don;t have to live in a state to give, so if your state is hopeless, give to candidates in other states. Don’t waste money on symbolic races where a good candidate has no chance against a complete idiot who is polling at 60-70%.
© Top priority must be keeping pro-gun majority in the Senate. Secondary is working to gain back seats in the House.
(d) Volunteer to help local candidates in your area- put up yard signs, deliver literature to homes, man phone banks, show up at rallies, write (polite) letters to the editor.
(e) Get potentially pro-gun people registered to vote and help them get to the polls or vote absentee. (The other side really emphasizes this!)
Few candidates are perfect on every issue, or even strongly pro-gun, but in the real world we need to go for the most pro-gun candidate who has a chance of winning. Refusing to vote for anyone less than a 100% perfect candidate only ensures that someone bad will win. “Let the idiots win and show how bad they are and next time people will not vote for them” is a nice philosophical discussion, but the idiots will destroy everything you value, and too many voters are so “low information” or seduced by “free stuff” that they will vote for idiots every time.

It may save your cartridge collection, among other things.

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Yes you are right,I dare state that 98% of Gun owners here do not realize that the
total disarmament dream of the masses under the guise of controlling the criminal
is bread out in Europe,that is where they look for guidence end inspiration an armed
population is the absolute horror to them and it does not matter what name you put
to any shithole over there.when the need arises it is much more easy to murder poeple
a person with a stick is not a thread

This is what is happening here every day and noone has a gun to prevent it.
Just include other tools like cars, knifes, flammanble liquids, trains… you name it.
But the good thing is that our media is not reporting all this so we are supposedly living in deep peace and security (lowest crime rates ever they say).
And when especially brutal and gruesome cases come to light it is always an “exceptional individual case”. And when one dares to mention nationality or ethnic backgrounds of the criminals he utomatically is called a racist, a NAZI, inhuman, antidemocratic and what ever the dictionary of swearwords is holding.

for EOD you are right
we had the same problem in france
but these gun laws are very ineffectives against criminals
and the “self defense” is prohibited ,even with a 9mm PAK blank gun you had tons of problems (someone used it to scare a burglar in his home but now he had multi problems with the “french justice”)

ammogun put it very neatly according to leftist call it bolchevik philasophie
you have no right to defend your life,therefore whereever and whenever
they come to power the first thing these gangsters and killers do is get
hold of every private arm in possession of the population,the next step is
the media of any shape and form.I spoke here to someone that was
connected to the murder of the 5 million Ukrainians in 1931/32 they said
first they came for anything that could be used as weapon and after that
they came to shoot us they were totally helpless.when it comes to gun
control it is always the red filth that is driving it,and most Eurupean states
are now totally diluted with them.

We all know the weapon does not matter to the mass murderer. Here are several examples of mass murder by knives, cleavers, arson, poison gas, etc in recent years.

But I think John Moss is exactly right. The socialists know exactly what they are doing and know they need to completely disarm the public to gain the control they really want (regardless of the facts that gun control doesn’t work). And sadly the universities (run by the socialists) and the media churn out more and more gullible junior socialists that are unable to think for themselves every year.

Perhaps it is time to remember Churchill’s famous words (which are often misquoted):

But for everyone, surely, what we have gone through in this period — I am addressing myself to the School — surely from this period of ten months this is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty — never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense.
-Winston Churchill


You know one of the most terrible things in Germany is the fact due to that
lost war anybody and I mean just anybody,that does not agree with what
these mendacious crap head are doing is a NAZI an almost untenable
situation but I think promoted by intent.

Sherryl, as you may know not the German population is NAZIs as like per our media but our govt. is NAZIs. So back in 1945 just the genuine NAZIs were exchanged for NAZIs aligned to the west, means now we have NAZI traitors as a govt. - can it get any worse?

Vote Republican only and vote often or suffer the consequences :-)