Link to a nice publication

Lots of info in this. Replace the vol # 1 with a 2 and you’ll get the bigger stuff.

Good basic reference, but don’t take all the headstamps too seriously. I’m convinced that some of them never existed.

Hey Rick, that is a great link! Thanks! I learned a lot from it. The cool thing is I noticed that our own, PHILIPPE REGENSTREIF, was sited in the Bibliography for his work on “Soviet & Eastern Powers Ammunition”! To cool!


Help!! I clicked on the link and my PC froze up like I was trying to tap into Prez Obama’s birth certificate. I finally figured a way to get turned loose without having to re-boot. I’d like to see the site. Any suggestions?


It’s loading a large PDF file onto your computer. Depending on your download speed it may take a while to complete.

PDF’s are not harmful, they are basicly used to transfer printed documents.

Probably 'cause you’re on dial-up.

Nope, I have Hi-Speed.

I trusted you and tried it again and it worked this time. I think I see the problem. The words “US ARMY” and INTELLIGENCE" were in the the same sentence and my PC was laughing so hard that it choked.

Interesting site. Thanks for the lnk.