These are all for the Cal. .50(that’s for you, Ray).

Model numbers, L-R top(big ones)

Left, syringe type only has a “drawing” number. Harrie had posted a pic of his, pristine, example on a previous thread. Anymore info on this example will be appreciated.

Right, M12
Also have one of these in an UNOPENED box(sorry Fred) that includes spare parts and an instruction sheet.

My guess is the L-56 is of an older vintage. Found in an old “fort” in Norway. Your guess is as good as mine on how it got THERE. Even better is the story on how it got HERE. Probably a pain in the arse to use as the handle is only cradled in a saddle arrangement. Haven’t tried using it, for real, but it’s certainly not as “controlled” as the M2 and 7. These three “desktop” models are apparently used when linking in bulk. The other two “pocket” models more for linking previously belted rounds. The scissors type, M12, isn’t very “handy”, but it does the job. The syringe one is simple to use and pretty much “'splains” itself.
With the exception of the M12, my bet is these are WW2 vintage. Would love to see or hear about details on any or all of these machines.



Kinda interesting. OK, more than kinda.

Tell me (us) about that M12. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those. Does it link one cartridge at a time? Open the box. What the heck would the spare parts be and wouldn’t it be cheaper just to toss one that broke?

Numrich Arms used to sell surplus M2 and M7. Don’t know if they still do but anyone interested might check with them.




Yes. Numrich still has an inventory of the M7s. And the M12s as well.
Ain’t gonna open the box, Ray. Has a spring or two, and I think some sort of adapter to delink. There are a number of sources for the M12s in the box. I’d recommend the M7 if you’re actually planning on using it for its inteded purpose.



Switch the handle of your L-56 round in the cradle and try it again, push down on the handle to push the rounds into the link.



Thanks for that hint, Gravelbelly. Being mounted to something solid is also a plus. They’re just for display, anyway. At least until my M2HB gets here.


Those are awesome Rick! Very cool artifacts. Your collection is sweet! I used to have a picture somewhere of a linker/delinker used for F16 ammo.