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As I plodded along updating the Bibliography I decided to start keeping track of some of the works that are available legally and freely on the net.
I paid particular attention to works that might be of interest to fellow members, but that might not warrant being in the bibliography.
Below is a partial list of books available as PDFs via the internetarchive, with the odd note on some books. These can be freely accessed, downloaded and saved, and some are well worth the time and effort. I would happily encourage anyone who knows of other works to list them.

Dictionary of explosives (1920) … 00marsrich
(splendid little book giving information on commercial explosives, including gunpowders)

Cartridge manufacture; a treatise covering the manufacture of rifle cartridge cases, bullets, powders, primers and cartridge clips, and the designing and making of the tools used in connection with the production of cartridge cases and bullets (1916) … 00hamirich
(I am pleased to own a printed copy of this book, it details manufacture at a ‘Canadian’ plant, as well as covering at some length chargers, and the 8mm Lebel.)

Sporting Fire-arms for Bush and Jungle: Or, Hints to Intending Griffs and Colonists on the … (1884) … 00burggoog
(Hard copies of this book sell for over 200$s usually, and though not a true ‘cartridge’ book it makes for interesting reading)

Bicycle accessories : 1900 [catalogue (1900)
(Yes it is a bike catalogue, but has ammunition and fireams, including pricing… very interesting - see page 88 on!!)

The following I added simply because they may be of interest, there are some fine books here, including many very hard to find titles in the printed world.

United States artillery ammunition; 3 to 6 in. shrapnel shells, 3 to 6 in. high explosive shells and their cartridge cases (1917) … 00vialrich

Nitro-explosives; a practical treatise concerning the properties, manufacture, and analysis of nitrated substances, including the fulminates, smokeless powders, and celluloid (1906)

Method of investigation and test of smokeless powder for small arms and cannon. Feb. 10, 1910. Rev. July 25, 1913 (1917) … 00unitrich

Smokeless Powder, Nitro-cellulose: And Theory of the Cellulose Molecule (1901) … 01berngoog

Smokeless powder and its influence on gun construction (1890) … 00longrich


Report on the Manufacture of Fire-arms and Ammunition (1882) … 00fitcgoog

Manufacture of Artillery Ammunition (1917) … 01colvgoog

Ammunition for rifled ordnance (1818) … 00browgoog

The Armies of Industry: Our Nation’s Manufacture of Munitions for a World in … (1921) … 00wilsgoog

High-explosive shell manufacture; a comprehensive treatise on the forging, machining and heat-treatment of high-explosive shells and the manufacture of cartridge cases, primers, and fuses, giving complete directions for tool equipment and methods of setting up machines, together with a review of the making of powders, high explosives, and fulminates (1916) … 00hamirich

Manufacture of artillery ammunition (1917) … 00alforich

Safety precautions to be observed in handling German munitions, fuzes and fuzed projectiles (1918) … 00unitrich

Les Armes a Feu Portatives de Armees Actuelles et Leurs Munitions (1893) … 00baudgoog

Gunnery in 1858: being a treatise on rifles, cannon, and sporting arms; (1858) … 00greerich

Sporting firearms (1912) … 00kephrich

Description of the Colt’s double-action revolver, caliber .45, model of 1909 : with rules for management, memoranda of trajectory, and description of ammunition, September 10, 1909 (1917)

Theory and design of recoil systems and gun carriages ([1921]) … 00unitiala

Notes on Austro-Hungarian fuzes (c1917) … 00grearich

Workshop hints for munition workers (1916) … 00jonerich
(not a particularly useful book actually, but some odd tidbits are contained in it)

Military Commission to Europe in 1855 and 1856: Report of Major Alfred … (1861) … 00gorggoog

Description of Decapping and Cleaning Tools for Small-arms Cartridges … (1916) … 00statgoog

A treatise on ordnance and armor: embracing descriptions, discussions, and professional opinions concerning the material, fabrication, requirements, capabilities, and endurance of European and American guns for naval, sea-coast, and iron-clad warfare, and their rifling, projectiles and breech-loading (1865) … 00hollrich

Ordnance and Gunnery: A Text-book Prepared for the Cadets of the United … (1907) … 00lissgoog

A course of instruction in ordnance and gunnery : Text (1891) … 00metcrich

Course in Exterior Ballistics: Ordnance Textbook (1921) … 00statgoog

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Thanks, J.U.
I am reading one of the books, just what doctor ordered. Cool, easy PDF downloads.

J.U.–Here is the link to a similar list I started some time back as a “Sticky” at the top of the Forum. We started to get top heavy with Stickys so we moved them to a seperate list where it has gotten lost.

just a note.The address of the worldwar website listed in the IAA home page is wrong.It changed some months ago.Here is the new one:

[quote=“Ron Merchant”]J.U.–Here is the link to a similar list I started some time back as a “Sticky” at the top of the Forum. We started to get top heavy with Stickys so we moved them to a seperate list where it has gotten lost.[/quote]
Ron, I would say in the future we will have to do something more permanent, and make a master list, and then keep track of it.

There is a “LINKS” section on the homepage of the site. These might be better posted there where they are easier to find.