Links for sale at Eurolink

First off, this message will be cross-posted on BOCN and emailed to everyone that has personally emailed me about this. If I happen to forget about anyone, my apologies as it isn’t intentional.

I recently heard back from Jean-Luc Bonelli, General Manager at Eurolink (Marseilles, France). I contacted Eurolink some time ago asking about buying a small quantity of links, and he has agreed to sell such small amounts. I don’t have individual prices yet; he said that pricing would depend on quantity ordered. I can only give you what he quoted me to use as a guideline. In my original email, I asked for pricing for:

QTY 5 = 30x113B DEFA links
QTY 3 = M28 links
QTY 5 = 20x102 M14A2 links
QTY 5 = 25x137 KBB links
QTY 5 = 30x173 MK30-2 links

The price he quoted me for the above links was $250 USD shipped to my home in Mesa, AZ. I thought it was a bit pricey, but considering that some in the above list is unavailable anywhere else…the price is what it is. My list has changed since my original email to him as I’ve already picked up a few of the more common items (KBB & M14A2), but I’m still interested in the others (and more). I mentioned that several other people have contacted me about getting in on the buy, and he seemed enthusiastic about it. I told him that I would provide his list of what was currently available, and get a list of potential buyers (based on price per link, naturally), and he would provide a new quote that would hopefully be cheaper for everyone involved.

Below is a list of what he has available (I saved the spreadsheet as a JPG as I don’t know how to attach an Excel file). I’ve translated some of the terms from French to English (to the best of my ability) and took a few liberties here and there and “guessed.” If you know for certain that something on the list is wrong (such as which caliber/weapon a link is used for), feel free to correct me as I’m still learning. Also, I’m not up to speed on Europe’s numbering system… I know that some use a comma in the same manner that the US uses a decimal point (ex: 2,5mm = 2.5mm); would this explain why the “QTY” column uses a comma? Also, why 4 zeroes after the comma? Does “,0000” = “.0”?

The column that says, “Link - Original” is how the item was listed in the original email from the GM to me, along with “Qté Lotie Dispo.” The remaining 3 columns, “Link-Translated, Caliber & Weapon,” I’ve added myself.

If you’re tentatively interested in anything on the list, let me know by 2/27/2015 as this is when I’ll reply back to Jean-Luc.


I suppose weapon “G3” (magazine fed rifle) should read “MG3”. The Rheinmetall 20 mm x 139 cannon that replaced HS820 in Bundeswehr use is simply called “Rh 202” by the company. The troops call both MK20 (MK = Maschinenkanone).

Thank you JPeelen; I’ll change it on my spreadsheet.