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Training Manual caliber .50 M2 Browning Machine Gun, General Motors War Products (22 MB)

Torpedoes and Torpedo Warfare: containing a complete and concise account of the Rise and Progress of Submarine Warfare by C.W. Sleeman, Esq., 1880 (59 MB)

Surgical Experiences in South Africa 1899-1900,Being Mainly a Clinical Study of the Nature and Effects of Injuries Produced by Bullets of Small Calibre by George Henry Makins, senior surgeon to St. Thomas’s Hospital, London, 1913 (66 MB)

Smokeless Powder and it’s Influence on Gun Construction by James Atkinson Longridge, 1890(9 MB) … uction.pdf

Workshop Hints for Munition Workers, by Bernard E. Jones, Funk & Wagnalls Company, New York, 1916(15 MB)

Small film featuring 60 cm houwitzer Karl, 31 cm Leopold Eisenbahngesch

Handbook of the 3.8-inch gun mat