Lion on arrow hstp on Flobert

Do you know the customer of this hstp

Hi Jean Pierre, about the book by Manuel Fernadez Villegas “Identificación de Cartuchería de Percusión Anular” this headstamp is by Marcel Gaupillat & Cie. (lion in relief).


  1. The Lion is on a harrow in your book ?

  2. If yes it would be : made by SFM for Marcel Gaupillat ?

I doubt. I think it is rather for a customer.

  1. Anyway I will check in my Marcel Gaupillat trade marks.
    Thanks very much for the info


Desolé JP, but after seeing carefully the logo of the headstamp I have my doubts, it looks like but it is not the same…I send you photo

Hi JP.
I don’t know about the lion with the arrow, but the normal raised Lion, which JJAM showed was made for Vie, Francotte & Mai, Leige. Dummy rounds showed up in a salesmans sample case with the headstamp.


Only a hint…
This mark looks almost identical as the old mark of Peugeot Fréres, France.(Peugeot mark here - first line in the table) I found a picture with title “World War I. Peugeot factory of Beaulieu (France) requisitioned for the manufacture of shells. Ca. 1915.” (here)
I don´t know anything about this manufacture…

Whaouhhhhhhhhhh !!!
this is a very good info.
Very interesting !

I know Peugeot used to sell shotguns. perhaps they used to sell also Fobert Carbines.
and the ammo coming with them
thank you very much !!

Are you french ??


No, I am Czech, but with broad interests … :-)