List of anti vehicle cartridges needed (Tank, plane, etc)

I want to start a collection of cartridges that are used against vehicles. I know of a few, but I need some others to help.
I know of the:
.50 BMG
14.5mm Russian
12.7mm Russian
7.92x107 DS
.5 Vickers
Maxim Balloon Buster
15mm Besa
20x110 (All three)
.55 Boys

So, IAA members, I am enlisting you to help with list. Post your new answers.

Go to Tony Williams’ site. It’s probably your single best reference. A link can be found on the IAA Home page.


20 x 139 Rheinmetall sees a lot of use in the Bundeswehr.

As I’m sure Tony’s site will indicate, there are three (at least) ".5 Vickers: V/565 (12.7 X 81 SR), V580 (12.7 X 81) and V664/V690 (Vickers-Armstrong, Class D and D*)

add in the german and polish “small caliber” anti tank guns…and to the rare experimental end the US 30-06 A/P lacrimatory

This would be a good starting point:

For more info, there’s also:

There’s also a whole batch more under the general site index: