List of cci blazer aluminium caliber

i just would know if anyone know the list of cci blazer with aluminium cases
i ask about less common calibers (not the 9x19 ,357 ,38 spl …)

32 s&w long (not sure about it)
9mm makarov
9x23 largo
357 sig
38 s&w
40 s&w
41 mag (not sure)

i would know if other exist

you can add to the list the .40 Taurus Revolver cartridge, although it is very scarce, as it was a failed contract for Taurus of Brazil.

CCI also was going to make the 7.62 NATO rounds, at least a Traiing Blank, I believe for a possible Govt. contract, but I am only familiar with an unload prototype case with the N CCI R 45 AUTO headstamp, a bunter used purposefully, probably simply for identification purposes. I have on in my collection, so am positive of its existence. I don’t know if any loaded, properly headstamped 7.62 x 51s were made or not, it is outside of my collecting field.

Of course, in the “Common” calibers, there are many, many loadings that are NOT common. In 9 mm Luger, counting all variants made by CCI, I have 112 specimens, and I am sure that someone who specializes only in this caliber probably can top that considerably.

John Moss

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thank for your response
yes i know the 40 taurus but it a very rare cartridge so i not mention it
and i see the 7.62 nato on another post (where show a 30.30 win)

my list concern handgun rounds

you had 112 specimens of cci blazer 9x19 ??
should be many variation of color ,primer and bullets

CCI loaded small, experimental quantities of.45 Winchester Magnum rounds in Berdan primed aluminum cases with a CCI NR 45 AUTO headstamp and a 230 gr TMJ (Totally Metal Jacketed) bullet. The used .44 Magnum 50 round boxes in the discontinued 200 gr JHP loading with gray duct tape labels and hand printed .45 Winchester Magnum info. I have examples of these boxes with two different cartridge case lot numbers.

Ammogun - there are all sorts of variations involved. Primer size, cup material, type (some of the newer aluminum rounds, still with the “NR” (non-reloadable) on the headstamp of recent manufacture are Boxer primed, rather than Berdan. Shot Loads, Ball loads with various bullet types, civilian and military headstamps, factory dummies, etc. Also tracers, bbut those were not counted in the figure I mentioned because I had to give up some years ago due to changes in the laws in my State. If you counted in brass cases as well, CCI/Speer could be a collecting field of its own if one saved everything they make - all calibers, loadings, case materials, etc.

Bill - thanks for filling in about the .45 Magnum. I have one of those, but forgot about it and have never seen the box for them. Could you post pictures of the box?

John Moss

John, I have all of the “tech” nohow of an Amish grandfather. Are you coming to SLICS? I’ll just bring a box with me. Bill


  Yes, I will be at St. Louis, arriving Tuesday afternoon and

leaving Saturday morning.

John Moss

John, I have four tables end to end. I’m also bringing some other CCI experimental boxes just to show: aluminum case .380 Webley MKII Z, aluminum case 45 Colt with a 260 gr. JHP, some 9MM JHPs hand loaded for NASA , pre Gold Dot PHPs (Plated Hollow Points) aluminum case 9MM Practice Tracer M939 for the AT4 weapon system, a real smorgasboard. Bill.

I will have one of the 45 Win. Mag. boxes at SLICS if anyone wants pictures. I will also be selling singles from the box. Box is as described by Bill above.

thank for your responses
yes i forgot the 45 colt

so do they load 32 s&w long in alu case ?

There was a photo of a few limited production Blazer cartridges and dummies in an old article in the IAA Journal. It showed an unheadstamped aluminum case head and was captioned .32 S&W long. The owner wished to remain nameless. This article is on the CD of back issues.

Hi Zac, I’d like to see your box. How do I find your table?Thanks, Bill


Ok. When you enter the show thru the main entrance you want to go to your right all the way to the other end of the show room. I should be along the wall. As long as they haven’t made changes that I don’t know about.

See ya there.

Zac Weighman

Thanks Zac. Bill

These .45 Win Mags you talk about with the 45 ACP headstamp are the noted on the box as .45 Win Mags?
If not they are proof rounds for the case used in developing the .45 ACP shot shell.

Also Ammogun & Bill
I seem to remember you asking about the 32 Long, yes no HS lead wadcutter bullets. I have two with different bullet seating depth
Yes they made the ,41 S&W

Hi Pete, All of the boxes that I have seen (4) are essentially similar, with a hand printed,gray duct tape label that reads: 45 WIN MAG 11.6 GR. 230 TMJ CASE LOT 7046 I have a box with a second case lot number but I’m having a “Senior moment” and I can’t locate it just now. Bill

thank for your response
so the 32 s&w long are only experimental and not production (even small)

Just off the phone with a former metallurgist at CCI who called the former head R&D engineer. These long case 45 ACP headstamped rounds ARE .45 Win Mag’s. They made them in a limited number but decided not to put them into production.

Thanks Pete. That is great to know.


Can you pese send me a scan of your box Zac? & thanks for that.