List of DMW case numbers

I’m sure one exists but I cannot seem to find a list of DWM case numbers. Surely one exists that is readily available.

Dixon has one in his books, Then several other books have them & I think Lew Curtis has something up on his site

The classic work is DWM Cartridges 1896 - 1956 by Fred Datig with case drawings by Gene Scranton, from 1962. The highest case number listed is #603, a Huelse 7.6 x 56 with a case drawing included. Not all cases listed have drawings, but most do, plus a history of the company and a glossary.

I sent Aaron copies of my DWM lists which were the source document for Datag. Volume 2 was actually a copy of the list Fred used for his book. They were suppose to be posted in the members section of the IAA Website and are free downloads to IAA members. There are also two different copes of the DWM bullet list with the bullet numbers which are often stamped on the base of the bullet.

These lists were originally sent out in 1913. I have been told that there were likely 6 copies, all derived from earlier DWM lists. These were apparently sent to different organizations in DWM and updated separately so the existing lists are different. There has been a rumor that there is a third case drawing list, or perhaps both case and drawing books. I have heard this a number of times but have not been able to confirm this rumor. It is possible that they are the same bullet and case lists which have changed hands over the years and been double counted.

These lists include notes on German on many of the cases and bullets. Datig did not include these notes in his book, Perhaps because quite a few are barely readable and some are totallyunreadable.

Mayhem, If they are not on the IAA memberspmy website, let me know.


PS: Though I list them on my website, I am no longer selling books, either hard copy or electronic copies.

Thank you all for the replies.

@bdgreen - thank you. I was sceptical about such lists, as I recall them being critiscised before on here as containing errors.

@Mel and @PetedeCoux - thank you. I’ll keep an eye out but such books are difficult to find.

@Lew - thank you. I did look in the resource section but could not find anything. However, I understand that there is considerable lag between items being submitted and becoming available. I submitted items almost 12 months ago, which still show as pending release. I am not being critical of the system, as I am sure copyright etc has to be considered before making items available and this does take time.