List of Norwegian NM-designations («NM-nummer») for weapons, ammunition, materiel, vehicles, etc

Thought this might be interesting for some of you.
I’ve been collecting Norwegian NM designations for our domestic and exported firearms, ammunition, firearms parts and accessories, vehicles, field guns, personal equipment, and so on, for the last 5 years. I have some gaps still but mostly everything from the 60s-70s and 80s onward are covered.

-Norwegian list of the numbers-
-English list over the numbers-

If you have any box, label, kit, scan, manual, instruction pamphlet etc containing an unnoted number, I would be very grateful for your input.

As you can obviously see it’s just a very basic HTML document. I aim to make a much more visually pleasing site later on but I first have to gather source material and make a proper list of sources.
Most if not all of these numbers have been gathered from Norwegian military literature, boxes/crates, labels, etc that I’ve seen myself or been given from trustworthy sources and thus I suspect that at least 95% of the information is correct.
Especially the numbers coming in use in the 90s are easily verifiable.

Please leave feedback if you see spelling errors, odd explanations, etc.



Thanks a lot Ole, very useful.

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Thanks, that’s what I hope it is :-)
I’ve contacted the Norwegian armed forces’ logistics battalion/logistics HQ before to ask about their lists/whether or not they can confirm/debunk any entry on my list, but seems they’re too busy to even respond.

NAMMO are more helpful but their help ends where their products end, they couldn’t help with more than the ammo/guns/equipment they mfg. for the Norwegian armed forces.

Thankfully old ammunition cans, metal boxes, wood carrying crates etc with labels are common on the civilian market, so new NM numbers tend to pop up every now and then. Some manuals/introductory course litterature also surfaces on collectors’ sites and these often have a large index of NM designated materiel.
Especially with ammunition there tend to be many F-modifications (F meaning Forandring meaning change/alteration), not always obvious at first what changes have been made from e.g. NM126 to NM126F1).