List of shoulder fired Anti-tank rounds


Ok everyone I would like your help in making a list of different shoulder fired anti-tank rifle cartridges.
Thank you

13x92 Panzerbuchse
13x94 Panzerbuchse
7.9x94 Panzerbuchse
7.92x107 Maroszek
7.92x86 Polish
8x87 Spanish
.55 Boys
.55/.303 Boys
14.5x114mm Soviet
.5 Stanchion


As far as I know, the Soviet 12.7 x 108 also started its life as an antitank-rifle round, but was soon replaced by the 14.5 mm.


.55/7.92 (I have the drawings but have never seen the round)
12x165 Czech
13x118 Finnish
.60 cal
13.3mm by BSA (13.2 Hotchkiss proj on a .55 Boys case)


The .60 cal. was for a shoulder fired weapon? I did not know this.


Are you looking for any? If so here is a few more, much larger caliber however:


I can think of a few others but they are modern and considered Anti-Material rifles.

Also what is the .5 Stanchion? I have not heard of it before, same with the 600/500 Paul mentioned.



Are these that you list shoulder fired? If so yes I want them added to the list and any shoulder fired A-T weapon cartridges. If you are not sure please include them and I will try to sort it out later.
Both the .5 Stanchion and the 600/500 were experimentals leading up to the 55 Boys.



Yes those 3 listed are all from large caliber anti-tank rifles of WW2. The 20x138b is the Lahti L-39 and one version of the Solothurn for example. The 20x105b is also for another version of the Solothurn, and the 20x124mm is the Japanese Type 97 AT rifle.

As for other cartridges I can think of, they are all modern and now considered Anti-Material rifles so I don’t know if you want them on your list.



Somehow when cartguy says shoulder fired I think he draws a line between something on a mount you put your shoulder into to control / fire the weapon and something one person can control / fire with hands and shoulder on say a bi-pod.

But I may be wrong?


The .600/500 was earlier than the .5 Stanchion.

The .600/500 was developed at the end of WW1, whereas the .5 Stanchion was developed in the 1930s.

I believe the .50 Vickers was also influenced by the .600/500 .


I appreciate any and all help and info.
Thanks guys