List of stuff to trade

HP 83 7.62x51 blue over red clark custom IT
XM178 OHF solid brass FA62
XM256E1 reduce recoil white tip FA66
izzy teargas 4-61
m276 tracer lc07
ball RA65
tracer RA68

green teflon KTW
green/red tracer RA69

9mm sim IVI 08

9mm AT4 trainer
ffv 89
070 76
070 79

7.65x54 spotter SF80

5.56x45 M855A1 LC14

.303 API blue tip BPP/39
.303 FN52 blue tip incendiary

FAT115 6.35 duplex green tip WCC59

22 mag (qty2)
32 acp (qty2)
38 spl

3/80 tracer
3/85 tracer qty3
60/85 ball qty7
3/96 ball qty5
270/88 ball qty9
270/79 dummy qty3
322/97 ball

87 tracer qty3 (romanian)
311/92 tracer CWSC
539/K tracer CWSC qty4
711/81 tracer CWSC qty2
Arabic (egyptian?) tracer brass - qty2
Arabic (egyptian?) tracer steel - qty3
Austrian - HP ball brown steel case
3/n ball
3/52 ball
17/k ball

Stuff I know I’m looking for…

-xm144w ball
-25 Win FAT116 Simplex gilded metal
-6.35x53 FAT127 Duplex
-6.35x53 Proof red tip

5.56 duplex yellow tip

50bmg APIT dim w/green tip
50bmg raufouss (green only tip)
50bmg MK300
50bmg xm1022