Lithuanian 7.92x57 "39 LD 20"

What’s the meaning of the green pa seal? Also, the box has no label, was it normal for Linkaičių Dirbtuves in Lithuania not to label ammo? The box contains 15 age and headstamp identical rounds, but, of course, the box may be from somewhere else, it is not sealed.
Linkaičių Dirbtuves


Green primer annulus = sS (schweres Spitzgeschoss) or heavy pointed bullet, ball

The boxes had no label, instead they were ink stamped.




Great info, thanks. You seem to be very good with IAA searches. I, on the other hand, am not able to find anything. How do you search? What’s the secret?


Well I sort of “cheat”!

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Similar items can be stored in one file which can really help to find info.

The first flash drive I bought was a cheap one and to my dismay it went bonkers and I lost a lot of stored files.

So now I have 3 very good flash drives (128 GB), one for daily work and two that are backups and I update the backups periodically from the working flash drive.

I’ve even gone so far as to keep one of the backup flash drives in my safety deposit box.

I’m not good with computers and I don’t have a 12 year old around to teach me so this is what works for me.

I know this sounds hard core nerdy but its the only way I can TRY to keep track of all the great information here on the forum and else where.


PS- Saving information from the web became more important for me after the IAA Forum suffered the hacker attack (or something else) back in 2009 and some sites just disappear when the host no longer wants to support it and then that information is gone.
Also I’m very careful to include the URL and other pertinent information as to where the file/information came from.