Lithuanian 7.9x57mm check-list

Here is an attempt to make a check list of Lithuanian 7.9x57mm headstamps and loadings. Any additional headstamps/loadings would be appreciated. I have not included the FN trinomial headstamps as I don

Phil - here are the ones I have that are not on your list:

A 38 D 3 sS JM
L 39 D 6 S JM
L 39 D 13 S JM
L 39 D 14 sS JM
L 40 D 8 sS JM
L 40 D 11 S JM

Does anyone know how many of the headstamp from FN with the “Gates of Gediminas” are known? I know of three worldwide.

Thanks John.

I only know of two with the “Gates” marking; yours and the one illustrated in Kent’s book (which may have been made from your example). I would be surprised if the Wooden Labs didn’t have one but I don’t know, you probably do.

Phil - years ago, I had two of these. One went to the Lab in Tucson. Actually, my first one did, because I felt I could talk the fellow who had them out of the second one, and took a chance. Better in the Lab’s collection than mine anyway. The two of them cost me a goodly number of very good duplicates, but I felt they were worth it. The illustration in Dan Kent’s book, as I recall, came from me, but I can’t guarantee that. However, later on, he told me he found one for his collection. Those are the only three I know of.


I just noticed that I have a photo of your example that I got from somewhere (maybe from the forum). The photo is probably as close as I will ever come to having one (like so many other really good 7.9’s)!!

I’ve got one that’s not in the list:

A 38 D 15, blank natural wood bullet, no primer seal


Thank you Krt

I’ll wait a day or so then add all the new input to the list.