Little flying firearms? Terminator 5 movie or Real?

Got this sent to me by a freind, no idea if real or available , but interesting for sure, if you know please comment. Looks to be the makings of a good movie to me, but how far away is this technology? :-) :

More info:

FAKE, fake fake

I think this is the peak of drone-carried firearm technology as per today:


It is trivial to have a small quad copter fly to a point and crash into it. Small amounts of explosive, or single shot weapons are trivial.

giving it a camera with motion tracking is also trivial.

Pete, did you check the other link, it seems to be real?
or some one has done a huge amount of work to waste peoples time ?
You maybe right ? if so, it will be a go movie.:-)

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trivial ? I really doubt that. That’s what we use to say about the internet. :-)

Do you seriously think it’s real…?
It’s part of a campaign to stop the development of autonomous weapons (e.g. drones) and to create a worldwide legislation banning weapons with a potential to be indiscriminately targeting and killing people.


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Ole, I never said it is real? please do not put words in my mouth.
Your taking away all the fun :-)
I posted it for people to see it and think. That is what we all should do, think before we write.
You are correct, it is a campaign, however it is a hell of a piece of film work, not real, but who can say it will not be real someday ?

Oh no, you ain’t seen noting yet.

At the Eurosatory show last summer, ST Engineering Land Systems of Singapore showed off a large quad-copter with an Ultimax LMG attached to a gimbal.

Sorry, I don’t have a link handly, but YIKES! What could possibly go wrong?

Recalling what we saw 20 years back and what we have today the thought might be justified that such mirco drones will exist in near future.
And “large” versions of these do exist already (for vehicles and structures). And they are not even that large!

Remember, a smart phone of today has more and better technology than a PC of the year 2000!

trivial, as in it’s already been done, and you can buy the stuff off the internet for <$500

jestertoo "trivial, as in it’s already been done, and you can buy the stuff off the internet for <$500
Hard to buy the item in this topic, as it is fiction. seems your statement is trivial.

That exact thing, yes. It’s a fictional product. Don’t think for a moment that it hasn’t been developed. My “trivial” comment was that micro drones, motion following cameras, swarm drone tech all exists at the hobbyist level, and it would be trivial to tie it all together by an enterprising company with a tiny bit of explosive. Don’t think for a moment that a defense contractor hasn’t done it.

Thank you, that is better communication. Now we have a good subject for discussion.
I myself, wonder if possible, but I like to believe in what I know is true, not guess, as when I guess I make an ass of myself, and I do that easy enough without helping it. :-).
Others would agree with you and disagree with you.
That is what makes a good discussion, and why I posted this item.
The makers of this film did a hell of a job on this fiction film to make people think it is real,. right up to the point where you hit the PURCHASE button on the web-site and it is clear it was a way to get people to join their cause to stop this idea. A great piece to work, I would not join it, but I was very impress with the work.
Thank you for the clarification .

Did you actually click on he “PURCHASE” link? This was done by a group, or groups, who want to stop production of these before it really starts.
No, that is, as of yet, not real.

However, having said that, the US and Isreal already have very small quad copter/drone units that are fitted with cameras for surveilance, but the transmission distance is not half-way-around-the-world.
And yes, it is only a matter of time before the smaller types are weaponized.

Bagger Jack,
Of coarse I clicked on the purchase link, why not, :-) I figured it was bogus anyway, but I wanted to go down the rabbit hole and see what was on the other side. :-) We have good anti spam and virus protection. Need to have some fun in life. :-)
How do you know the U.S. and Israel only have copter/drones with cameras and not weapons? Wouldn’t that be top secret, at least for the development stage.
This group spend a lot of time and money to stop something that most of us don’t think exist yet ? I am not afraid if the “Terminator Drones” exist, I would be more worried about who has excess to them.
Maybe the Terminator movie isn’t that far fetched, not now, but who know what will happen in the future. :-)

I would not presume that you did click on the purchase link, by way of your question.

I would not presume the US and Israel do not have any small quad copter/drones that have been weaponized, I simply have not seen proof that they do, and may well never know for certain.

Back in the day, I was associated with some people in ‘security/observation’, and I saw the resolution of images that were taken from an aircraft flying at extreme altitude, and you could read a newspaper headline in the images. I have also seen images taken from quad copters a couple or three years ago, where you could count the hairs on the upper lip of the guy standing guard.

I HAVE seen some very small quad copter/drones with VERY good resolution cameras on them, which were virtually silent beyond 10 feet or so. Not quite as small as the digital mockup in the video, but not larger than my hand, and I am 5’5". The transmission range was not that great, but I think less then a mile if it is not line of sight, but I do not remember for certain.

I also know that DARPA has been working on drones that look like flying bugs, but as of yet I do not believe they have been fielded in real life, do to instability and uncontrolability in windy situations… but, again, we may well never know for certain.

Recommend watching S03E06: “Hated in the nation” and S04:E05 “Metalhead” of the series Black Mirror.

The “dogs” in the “Metalhead” episode are pretty much identical with the Boston Dynamics autonomous quadruped robots.


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I recommend the “daemon” series of books. Their swarms of small flying robots are armed with single shot guns. This was written over 10 years ago, when all of the done stuff was just starting to take off. Being able to control drones like they do in the books is not that far off.