"Live radiological cartridge", mention from an old Technical Military Dictionary (1973)

Has any of you heard or know something about the existence of such a cartridge?
By the looks of it, its caliber goes down to some pistol caliber with the same main components, the only peculiar one being that “head with radiological agent”. The rim would probably classify it for some one-shot pistols specially designated for, dunno, secret police use or something…?
I would say it has some soviet origins since the dictionary has been written in that period, in Romania.

The dictionary (Russian, English, German, French, Italian) was originally published in Moscow in 1968 by the Ministry of War. Your Romanian print seems to be an exact copy.

I had hoped it would help me to find the correct equivalent terms for artillery trajectories but found out that the English and German terms were not well translated. The Russian terms are often translated more ore less literally into the foreign language, instead of using the correct foreign term.

The radioactive cartridge shown is in my view from a patent application by a kitchen-table inventor, not something real.