Live round identification

I found a few live rounds today. Three of them are 75 caliber. They say S and an L and 43. The big one is a 20 mm MK2 1943 with WS as a marking baby has a flat nose with a red tip and looks pretty dangerous. Can anyone identify these and tell me what they are and what I can do with them?

do you had picture of complete 20mm round
it a 20x110 oerlikon but with red projectile is a HEI load (be very carefull with it)

the two other is 50 bmg (12.7x99) rounds from WW2 (Saint Louis 1943)

Sounds like a typical 20x110 (20mm Oerlikon) HE-I, Mk.2 (Tetryl & Incendiary Mix). The red tip = HE-I, which is High-Explosive Incendiary, so don’t drop it. From 1943, and these were popular with the Navy.

Pictures of all of them please.

.75 caliber on an SL43 headstamp sounds weird.

The case of the 20mm round was manufactured by West Bend Aluminum Co., West Bend, Wisconsin.

I found these live rounds today. Can you please identify them and tell me what I can do with them? Thank you very much.

In terms of what to do with them, the 3 .50BMG rds are the same as any rifle rds and are safe to handle as you would with any ammunition. The 20mm is a little more of a concern and should be fine as long as stored properly, but if in doubt as to the potentially dangerous payload of the projectile, then you can always drop it off at any police department, or most any gun shop would know how to handle it.


And the cartridge on the right has an APbullet. AP stands for Armour Piercing. The caliberdesignation is 12,7 x 99 mm or .50BMG (Browning Machine Gun). It was John Moses Browning, the well known (most famous) arms inventor who introduced this sort of ammunition. The three BMG are shockproof and safe. Be careful with the Oerlikon, dont’ drop it, it could explode! No doubt you can “dump” them at your local police dept if you want to.

the best way is calling police or eod for disposal

don’t transporte this round ,it can be instable

but i don’t see the real color of the 20mm shell
the fuze has marquing ? (try to take a picture without handle it)

I thought maybe it might be worth something to a collector?