Lm + 88?

I got this round in the recent Hoffman auction, but I don’t really know why. Some spark of interest struck me. What exactly is it??? The round measures out to 7.2 x 44.45mm, with a 9.5mm rim diameter. Will it fit my metric-military collection???

The Danish had an experimental 7x44 in the mid-30s but it doesn’t look like this example…

I believe this might be it.


it simply a 7mm TCU (thompson contender ulgade)
know as the other name 7mm/223

nothing military BUT this round is made by cartoucherie LE MANS (essentially military ammo)

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So, it’s a civilian/commercial round; essentially a 7mm bullet stuck in a reformed French military 5.56 case?

for your round is not a reformed case but an original case made for this round (the 7mm in headstamp confirm)
the parent case is the 223 remington
the factory do simply necked the case ,7mm for the 7 tcu or 5.56 for the nato round

but i don’t know why LE MANS made this particular caliber

Hi Jon,

This cartridge was designated 7 mm GIAT and was made for silhouette shooting with pistols, including French models like the Unique, that designated this cartridge the “7 x 45 GIAT”. It is identical to the 7 mm TCU wildcat.

By the time it was made, the designation of the manufacturer was Établissements Ouest du GIAT (Le Mans + Rennes), and later GIAT Industries. They also made the 7 mm Bench Rench Remington and 7 mm-08 Remington, and bullets for all of them.



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for fede
do you had a picture or the headstamp for the 7mm bench rest french
i never see this caliber from LE MANS

the two other are more know


Here is a picture of three boxes with NUPE cases. I have not documented a later production by “GIAT Industries”, so it was likely dropped before July 1990.

Here is a picture of another headstamp different than that found in the box shown above.




many thanks

for the 7x45 giat i know only 88 for year
for the 7.08 i know two dates ,89 and 90

i surprised that “unique” made a weapon in 7x45
it a single shot ? (style contender ?)

Yes, a single shot:

Patent: 2664967.pdf (811.5 KB)

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nice gun
i would the same but in “carabine version”

A suppressed carbine in this caliber was made in France by SAPL.