Site login is a bit flaky. Yesterday my autofill user information was the old user. I did not catch it before I attempted to login. After that, I could not login no matter what I did. Today, I caught it and logged in first time. Might check and see if one goof locks you out for the day. Thanks, Bill

What do you mean it was the old user? Did you dump your cache and cookies and try again?

No, I should have thought of that. Thanks. Bill

I’ve been getting problems logging in, both from my home and from work, the message detail is always the same,

“This error (HTTP 408 Request Timeout or HTTP 409 Conflict) means that the server took too long to display the page or there were too many people requesting the same webpage.”

I’ve had the same message when trying to post a reply.

Error noted. We are on a big server and should have very good ping times. I’ll take it up with our service provider.