Lone Star Range Rider Mk. II Toy Gun Cartridge

Some guy on another forum found it in the cylinder of a 12mm pinfire revolver.


That’s part of a cartridge for a toy pistol. There was a thread a while back. Maybe a search will find it?

Here’s a photo of one that I have showing the “case” and the “bullet”. It uses one of the small roll caps to give a bang and smoke, IIRC.



Aaron, is a toy cartridge for the Lone Star Range Rider Mk. II revolver. It was made by Die Casting Machine Tool Ltd. for Lone Star Products Ltd., Welham Green Herts., England.


I don’t know if the “bullet” in his is original. It’s a lot different than mine and others that I’ve seen. But, it should come out. Since the caps were corrosive it may be corroded or rusted in place. A few drops of penetrating oli and let it set for a day or so may loosen it where he can pull it out.

In use, a paper cap was put into the bottom of the case and the “bullet” inserted on top of it. When the hammer fell it would fire the cap. Smoke and flash would come out the 4 holes in the bottom of the case.

Something like that would probably be illegal in most places today and you surely wouldn’t want kids playing with them. It’s a wonder that we survived toys like that. ;) ;)


Ray, the bullet is original but the front part is missing.


Thanks for that photo. In Aaron’s first photo it looked like someone had simply put a piece of metal into the case. But, you are right.


Does anyone remember those little bomb-shaped torpedoes that used to be sold in the 1940s and 50s (for a dime or so) as toys? They looked sort of like a miniature finned bomb, and you unscrewed the tip to insert a cap. I think they were die-cast, and there may even have been some of them that were partially plastic. You then dropped or threw it on the sidewalk to make a bang. I haven’t seen one of those in many years, yet they were very common when I was a child. I’m sure that at present if some kid took one to school with him, he’d be charged with having a weapon of mass destruction. I wonder what happened to all of them? If anyone has any, posting pictures may bring back memories for some.

There are a few of these listed on eBay. Here’s one: ebay.com/itm/3-Vintage-1950s … 3eef069827 with a nice description as to how they worked.

I had them even when I was a kid! They were always so much louder than the guns!

by the way, the guy on the other forum was very appreciative of the identification you all figured out.

Yes , I remember those little bombs. I had a couple of them when I was a kid back in the '60s

Speaking of toy cartridges, when I was a kid in the '60s I had a rifle that shot plastic bullets from a spring loaded casing. The bullet had a long tail on it with a tab that when inserted into the casing compressed a spring in the casing and hooked on the casing. When the hammer dropped it hit the tab on the tail releasing the bullet and the spring pressure sent the bullet out the barrel. I had one complete cartridge for years after the rifle was no more. Anybody know what it was?

Surprisingly you can still get those cap bombs here in the UK. I had a few in the late 90s / early 2000s. They usually lasted for about 1 roll of caps before the die-cast metal cracked and the fins separated from the ring where the nose locked into.


I couldn’t forget my Mattel “Spittin Image” rifle and pistol–I still have a couple of the cases or something from cleaning up at my Mom’s house a few years ago. Gold plastic case, silver bullet. You could also put some green caps on it, but I may be confusing two toys…

That sounds like the one I had. I also remember the green caps I believe they were round and had stick-um on the back but I don’t think they went with the gun though. If you have a complete cartridge would you part with it? You can contact me at: fireking505@yahoo.com