Longer .303 projectile?

Gday, another day metal detecting brings in more finds I’m unsure about.

From my metal detecting journeys I now have upwards of 750-800 .303 projectiles, but pulled 3 out today which are a little bit longer, (by 2.5mm-3mm)

They have the same rifling as all my other .303 rounds, but rather than a flat base, it’s slightly angled in (looks like it’s been put in a pencil sharpener)

I’m yet to find where they were shooting from (unless they picked up every single shell) so Haven’t really got a good date on all the .303s.

I did find one shell, stamped “CAC VI 2 12” which is now my oldest dated shell!

They also have a different cannelures compared to every other I’ve found.

Any information is appreciated, cheers, hamish.

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Possibly a tracer.

Yes definitely a Tracer


Hamish, the bullet in question looks to have the profile of the .303 Tracer SPG (VII.G) Mark I.z, approved October 1916 (or cordite version authorised January 1924), which was replaced by the Mk.II/II.z approved in July 1937. The rifling marks on it look like the five groove left hand twist of the classic Enfield barrel. First picture shows an early pattern:

And this is a later pattern:

Pictures from Peter Labbett and Freddy Mead’s book “.303 Inch” (1988), Pete.


That’s awesome! I don’t feel as stupid for asking a simple question now!

Cheers, Hamish