Look at those belts!

The Danes were no slouches either.

Birmingham Small Arms (BSA) Factory, the rifle stock manufacturing department in 1907;


Yea look at all those unguarded belts! The OSHA inspector would have a fit if he seen that. Of course people back in those days had enough common sense not to stick their hands in certain places!

Tom, indeed, selective breeding made brain a scarce good these days…


I wouldn’t be surprised if these belts made more casualties than the ordnance it produced!

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Standard for an industrial shop 19th to mid 20th century.

Selective breeding!
The smart ones survived and bread.

And the smart ones didnt wear:
Hipster beard
Loose fitting clothes

And they minded where they walked.

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If I’m not mistaken, summer of 1969: U.S. Navy’s MR, Machinery Repairmen, “A” school in San Deigo looked like this.