Look what followed me home from the flea market


I happened across an ad on Craigslist today by accident (was looking for something else)…it said “military ammo.” Lots of items I wanted to bring home; most were reasonably priced (with the exception of three empty pieces of .50 brass for $10 each…). I was able to bring the following 6 home:

25x137 TPDS-T
30x173 TP
30x173 dummy
25x137 M794 dummy
20x110USN dummy for Mk11
30x110B WECOM dummy

The WECOM dummy is ink-stamped “ALUM EQUIV” like my others, but this one’s headstamp says “1-2” whereas the rest of mine say “1-3.” Kind of interesting.

Here’s a pic of the rest of the stuff; let me know if I should hurry back and buy something else…lol.



I might actually go back for the 25x137 drill round (third from the right on the bottom with the bright green cartridge case).



4th picture down, item on the very right looks like a U.S. Navy 1.1 inch if in good condition and if $25 - $30, GRAB IT and run. NOW!


Just about any item in the row laying down, picture #4, if $15 to $25 and in decent shape my be good items. The one 4th in from the left may be a Japanese 20mm, WW2.


The one on the far right in this pic?

It says $15, but I have no idea what it is. I know there’s a small tear in the neck, and the case appears to be painted dark red. The 30x113B (with the wrong projo) directly to the left gives an idea as to size. If a “1.1” actually has a 1.1" diameter projo, this one is definitely larger than that…maybe 1.75-2".


ETA: I just now realized; you probably meant the one lying down. Don’t know what that one is, but I think it was $25.


No, the items at the front, laying down in picture #4. Second thought those fired 37mm cases might be good items also at $15 each, hard to say for sure.

Your making it hard for me to each lunch:-)


Forth from left standing up in the group picture is a 20mm Spotter case for the Davy Crockett recoil-less atomic gun. Not common and very collectable.



[quote=“DaveE”]Forth from left standing up in the group picture is a 20mm Spotter case for the Davy Crockett recoil-less atomic gun. Not common and very collectable.


Neat stuff; thanks! Just found this after your insight:




Possible Japanese round I mentioned earlier, see: inert-ord.net/jap02h/t100aa/index.html

The very short brass case standing up in back row of pic #4 may also be Japanese.

Be aware of Bubba cases: someone gets and empty case, sometime later they get some projectile that fits in the empty case (or vice versa) and now it is “see what I have”, they have a complete round, in their mind at least. Wrong projectile in wrong case, but hey it looks good!

The possible 1.1 U.S. Navy is laying down in pic #4, on the right.


Lower row, No6 from left, a 20x113 Tikkakoski, at 15$ a real bargain!

Top row far right with the small wrinkle at the shoulder might be an unfinished case (most likely) or an extended neck case for a possible squeeze bore exp., in any case both are hard to find.


Thanks for all the info! I’ll get some better pics when I go back; there’s some other stuff I want to take a look at that I didn’t have time for today (like a MkI or Mk2 practice grenade - fuze/spoon cast into the body and a CS riot control grenade). I might actually put the 30x173 TP and 25x137 TPDS-T that I just picked up today for sale; they’re both live and I’d rather have dummies…



Well, I just got back from my second trip there…ha. I picked up the rest of the items mentioned in this thread (and a few of the others; just because). I’ll likely be selling most of the stuff I picked up today on here (and possibly GunBroker) as soon as my membership is approved and I get access to the classifieds…

I’ll post up some more pics later this evening when I get time, but for now, here’s a little more info about today’s haul:

The 37 mm casing (brass) on the left is indeed a M16. The headstamp is: 37MM M16, LOT 15659-40, S.M.C. - 1942. The ring around the primer is stamped: WC 4-7993-23, M23A1 1942

The other 37mm (?) casing is made of steel, appears to have been originally painted a brown or copper color and has no headstamp (that I can see). Has a wrinkle in the neck and a small divot in the case mouth. Other than the length of the case neck and its steel construction, it appears identical to the M16…same diameters everywhere. It’s approx. 9.210" tall (~233.934mm)

The USN 1.1" is headstamped “DRILL AMMUNITION” and has 3 holes drilled in the case; steel rod is visible inside (presumably fastening the projectile to the case?)

The slightly shorter empty brass case (referenced on another forum as possibly a French 25mm Hotchkiss) has all kinds of headstamps. The actual stamps are (starting at 12 o’clock and working clockwise): (12) MR (3) 37 (6) C and (9) 2. It also has several ink stamps on the headstamp area; they’re hard to read, but I think they say: H25.13.??.3L HR. Again, not sure on half of the ink stamps; they’re pretty light in areas. There’s also some ink stampings on the outside of the cartridge, but the only thing I can make out is “CHARGE” stamped in 2 places; 180 degrees apart. It’s roughly 7.66" tall (~194.564mm), 1.858 rim diameter (~47.1932mm), 1.681" diameter nearest the rim (~42.6974mm), 1.533" diameter at the bottom of the shoulder (~38.9382mm), and roughly 1.043-1.063" outside diameter of the neck (~26.7462mm; the neck is split and pretty beat up).

The Lahti round mentioned earlier is live, and is headstamped: 1939 TIKKAKOSKI with a “T” inside of an upside-down triangle, inside of a circle between the “19” and “39”. No noticeable markings on the bare steel projectile.

The Davy Crockett spotting cartridge (no projectile) is ink stamped “20MM SPOTTING, XM101, LC2-29” on the side of the cartridge case. No headstamp and a very weird looking primer. It appears as if the primer is removable / replaceable with a spanner wrench.

The cartridge which bdgreen thought might be a Japanese round has 2 small (barely noticeable) markings on the headstamp pad; they don’t really make any sense, so I’m going to assume they’re Japanese characters. However, I don’t believe the projectile that’s in it is correct. The projectile is stamped, “MK.XXV?? MOD…MBCO.LOT” on the copper (brass?) fuze and “MK3-54J, LOT 1192, MAT” on the steel body of the projectile. The main body is painted O.D. green and the fuze is bare. There’s one driving band made of copper (brass?) The overall shape of the projectile is nearly identical to the ones in the pics on bdgreen’s link but has the obvious English markings. Weird…

One of the M21A1 cartridges (with the all-black projectile; original paint) is headstamped “DPS 1942, 20MM M21A1” and the projectile is stamped “LOT-52354-11, 8-42” with some sort of symbol stamped above the LOT#; it kind of resembles a capital “G” with something in the middle of it. There are 2 holes drilled in the case with a piece of wood visible inside.

On the other M21A1 cartridge (black projectile with red band near base) is headstamped “S.M.C. 1945, 20MM.M21A1” with no markings visible on the projectile (no holes drilled in case either)

On another 20mm cartridge (plain steel projectile) is headstamped “BBC 1941 20MM” with no markings on the projectile. It appears to be roughly the same size cartridge case as the other 2 M21A1’s

Until I get some pictures up this evening, can anyone provide some more insight on my finds?



Sounds much like you managed to pick the best out of the offered ones.
Looking forward to the new images then.


If I was you, I would… BUY ALL OF THE THINGS!


More information: after some research, the short/empty cartridge in the fourth picture down, 8th cartridge from the left, turns out to be a 20x72RB for the Jap Type 99.



The Davy Crockett has a conventional Boxer primer & the base is removable & when removed shows the two-chambers and the multi-holed divider between them It is a hi-low type pressure chamber.
Photo tomorrow.


Here’s some close-ups of the Davy Crockett spotter:



And some better photos of the USN 1.1":



20mm Lahti:



20x110HS M21A1’s:

I think this one is a repaint:

This one’s kind of chewed up on the base, and judging by the way the projectile is crimped, I think this was a (poorly-done) pipe-cutter job: