Looking for 22 RF gallery and 22 steel case RF

I am looking for a few 22 RF short gallery cartridges ( Spatter-Proof, Spatter-Less,Kant-Splash, Krumble Ball). I see full boxes for sale but I am only looking for
a few different cartridges.
I am also looking for a few WWII steel case 22 RF.
If any one has any of these to sell please let me know price and shipping.
Thanks, Bob

What city and state do youy live in, to calculate shipping?

sorry posted twice

Hello Mel
I live in Iowa City, Iowa 52240
Thanks , Bob

I have a beat up 500 round box, about 2/3 full, (I think Spatter-Proof), if I can figure out where I put it, I will send you some…
PM me your address.