Looking for 3 logos as used by PPU (Serbia) in the past

On the website of PPU (Serbia) I have found some extremely small images of some of the logos they were using in the past.

Does anybody have these logos on some sort of catalog or ammo packing or thelike they could be scanned from in high resolution (at 600dpi color)?
This would be an immense help to a project I am working on.

Hi Alex, I have a picture of an example of the fourth logo found in a label pin. Hope this helps until you can find something better.



Fede, this is really good to have! Thanks a lot!
If nothing else will come up (I pestered a lot of people) I will get the angle distirtion removed from this image and then transform it into a b/w logo of high res.
Actually this is then not the first pin which I will have done that to.

I am still looking for the first 2 logos marked. Anyone?
Help would be much appreciated.

Just a refresher, still looking for the first 2 logos.

Alex, do you have this logo?


Fede, yes I do, thanks for caring!
Just the first 2 from my initial request are missing.

Have worked in the graphics industry for over 30 years dating to before computer aided design. I can redraw any logo you may need into clean vector art that can be enlarged to fill the side of the proverbial barn withour losing any source edge quality as well as export into any formats you need once have it in vector at any resolution. Tell me which need the most and will work on as time allows. Will be recovering from outpatient surgery at least a couple days this week and if feel decent enough day following procedure might can knock these out. Long time lurker and unsure how long have been a member as when went to join group today realized my user name was already taken which generally means have joined group in past and forgotten as try to limit how many groups I post to or spend all my time chasing Internet discussion instead of participating in life.

Hueyville, this is very generous of you!
In particular as I do similar things with other logso - just not professional and merely do “reverse engineering” than drawing. Means I use readily available graphic components like circles, squares and letter screen shots and then try to assemble a logo I need. Just some are too difficult for me to make myself.
I wish you to recover soon!

The 2 needed ones are these here.
I assume the first coulod be possible while #2 lacks legibility. I can almost read it but will have to make sure with a native speaker what the exact wording is so it can be reproduced.
For me actually a 3000 pixel b&w jpg will be perfectly fine as the logos will appear later in not too large scale.
As said I am no expert in this so sorry if I am using wrong terms or so.


Needs tweaking but almost done. Ran with this to get a time to redraw into scalable vector art that can export into almost any conceivable format. let me know the resolution and formats and will kick them all out. Like having for my files anyway.

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Let me know if this is close enough and will start the others. Once all are done will put on my website in multiple formats and resolutuions for folks to use as need, If anyone else needs legacy ammo or firearms logos post them up and will put on my list.

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First image need a clue as to what the white horizontal smears are above the three buildings or chimneys and will be able to move. ON the second cannot make out the characters for sure on left side of upper arc and

letters in arc across bottom. I can closely match that font but can’t read all characters well enough to be sure and drop correct one in each place. Enjoy this and if happy with best guess the diamond logo will be easy.

Hueyville, thanks!

The things above the chimneys are exhaust/smoke clouds.

I will try to get the correct wording of logo #2 and post it here as soon as I will have it.


Fede, thanks!
I was reading the same but had sent it to a native speaker to get a 100% confirmation.

here are the latest renderings.Pretty close on the first but totally baffled by what is supposed to be in blurs above chimneys on diamond logo. Smoke, small copy, etc? Now that have text for third will start on third. Saw another PPU logo with a wave and eagle in another thread and will jump on it as time allows. Better source art I get the better can repair and redraw into modern vectors which can be exported to any format at any resolution up to billboard size without loos of edge quality. Any feedback on improvements are appreciated because like precision reloading for my 1,000 yard benchrest rifles I like my artwork to be precise as may become the “standard” once its been reposted a couple dozen times into a dozen groups and spreads. Help me get it spot on and once all are happy will put a half dozen various files of each logo on one of my websites for free download to all who may need. do not want any significant errors in case 50 years from now my work becomes internet lore that ir’s authentic but has errors.

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Have looked at logo number “two” on list and seems like funnel shape exhaust with slight fade effect so where will go with it next. Here is attempt one on logo “three”. Font is way off as my font library is way weak on eastern European fonts. Have lots of middle eastern fonts (especially Jewish), English and artistic. Image is so rough cant hand draw each character and even have trouble matching it with library in home computer. About to go to work and do one client job, finish a 6.8 spc II build on a Noveske barrel and will search my main graphics computer for better font matches and get all the correct accent marks. As always, more input means better output but this is the hard part done till find an appropriate font.

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Hueyville, this is great work! Thanks a lot!
The font is no problem here as I simply will add the small angles / lines myself.

You really helped me with these 2 !!!
Again thanks!

Hueyville, in my opinion these are most excellent replicas of the unavailable logos. Congratulations.