Looking for 3 logos as used by PPU (Serbia) in the past


On the website of PPU (Serbia) I have found some extremely small images of some of the logos they were using in the past.

Does anybody have these logos on some sort of catalog or ammo packing or thelike they could be scanned from in high resolution (at 600dpi color)?
This would be an immense help to a project I am working on.

Prvi Partizan emblem

Hi Alex, I have a picture of an example of the fourth logo found in a label pin. Hope this helps until you can find something better.




Fede, this is really good to have! Thanks a lot!
If nothing else will come up (I pestered a lot of people) I will get the angle distirtion removed from this image and then transform it into a b/w logo of high res.
Actually this is then not the first pin which I will have done that to.


I am still looking for the first 2 logos marked. Anyone?
Help would be much appreciated.


Just a refresher, still looking for the first 2 logos.