Looking for .303 IDs

I was looking through some of my old spent ammo when I cam across a 1916 DA case. I was wondering were it came from then remembered when I was a teenager my grandpa gave me a couple boxes of ammo too shoot when i just got a .303 rifle. so i looked back in all my cases and i found a bunch of DA 1916s and also a couple others. there two i am not sure. does anyone have the info on these? are they military? if i just put a modern FMJ bullet in them will they be okay or were they loaded with the fmj round nose ect?

any info please let me know.

Left K Kynoch made in 1957 Mk7 Ball CTG.
Right DI Defence Industries a Canadian government factory managed by the ammo division of Canadian Industries Ltd made in 1943. Ball MkVIIz loaded with nitrocellulose powder indicated by Z in hs.
The DA 16 rounds would have been loaded with the MkVII FMJ pointed cn bullet.

thank you!

Personally, I would not put any bullet in them. Neither is a rare headstamp but they are nice clean examples of the headstamp. Any bullet you put in them will likely be wrong. You would have to know whether they were CN, CNCS, GM or GMCS bullets to start with. Also be aware of the correct bullet weight, correct ogive, and whether or not, and if yes, where on the bullet, they were cannelured. Knowing all of that and finding the right bullet still does not make them “original.” JMHO.