Looking for .450 Short C.F. Cartridges & Boxes

I’m looking for .450 Short Revolver cartridges, singles and boxes, that I need. All manufacturers, all loadings, and full, partial or empty boxes. Below you will find my .450 headstamp “Wants list” but bear in mind that I collect all loadings.

Please note the headstamp layout: For example: I have various “450 K&C” (“450” at 12 o’clock) headstamps but I’m still looking for “K&C 450” (“K&C” at 12 o’clock). Note also that headstamp drawings that do not show a primer indicate I am looking for that headstamp on an inside-primed cartridge.

I have a comprehensive list of trade items in a variety of calibers ranging from experimentals & hard-to-find case types to special loadings: from 3.5mm to 4-gauge; from Thuer to flechette. So, tell me what you have in .450 and I will email you my “for trade” list.

I attend SLICS and the ECRA September meetings where trades can be completed.
Contact Chris Punnett: Email: cpunnett [at] sympatico.ca (full contact details in the IAA Directory).

Chris P.