Looking for 55/303 boys experimental

Hi I am looking for 55/303 boys experimental cardidge… Has it somebody for sale or in collection?

Please info PM
Thanks Pavel

I almost bought one at St. Louis, but the price of 500 Pounds was a bit daunting. Really nice round, however.

We’ve sold three headstamped K.37 at 12,
sales# - (price): 1-410 ( 250 ), 12-315 ( 1000 ), 15-421 ( 850 ).
Another headstamp variation is below.

Do you have some for sale.?

No sure, but believe some one has made replicas, using the more know " K-39 W.I. " Head-Stamp ?
This caliber must of had some major velocity and burnt out barrels fast. :-)

Sorry no. Just put the information up so you would know there are two HS variations. Actually I think these different headstaps were different loads.

Dave the were for training so low recoil & low velocity.

Where did you see one with the K-39 W.I. headstamp? Or are you saying that was what was on the relpica’s?

Keith Lampear has these replicas:

I believe they are made by Zac Weighman. H/S is 55/303 REPLICA.


Cardidge reached. Please delete. :-)

Pete, I think Zac made some replica’s a few years ago.

Thanks for info I got one original in Aerzen :-)