Looking for 8x52r Siamese

Getting ready to do some custom brass for my own shooting and would like 2 examples of 8x52r Siamese so I can see some original dimensions.

Let me know what you have and are willing to sell.



I don’t have any for sale, but I do have some dimensions that may be of assistance to you (taken from the 2 samples I do have)

Designation (s) Bullet type Headstamp Case type Bullet Dia Case Length Ctge Length Rim Dia Base Dia Shoulder Dia Mouth Dia Base to Shoulder Base to Neck

8 x 52R Siamese (NUE) Siamese Symbols A 2.039 0.555 0.502 0.461 0.350 1.632 1.761
8 x 52R Siamese Type 66 FMJ K51 8mmS A 0.321 2.029 2.947 0.557 0.503 0.460 0.346 1.613 1.746

Email sent to xjda68@hotmail.com

Many thanks to xjda68 as I now have two samples of the 8x52R Siamese on the way so I can compare and measure for making my own brass as accurately as possible!

Gotta keep these old rifles shooting :)


You are welcome, I hope the free goodies are of help.