Looking for a 3 inch 50 cal projectile dated to ww1


I bought a ww1 1918 dated 3 inch 50 cal casing recently and I am looking for a 3 inch 50 cal projectile to go with it that is dated to ww1. If you or anyone you know has any leads on where i can find a projectile for sale, please let me know!!


i may have one ay my house in n.y. i am in Tx now, seeing my two two granddaughters. a solid AP-T, no copper band , rusted with light pits. i have it as a door stop. $8.00 plus what cost to ship. by the style WW1 for sure. can send a picture after i get home on Dec 6. joe gatz


Oh ok, shame its band is missing. I’m looking for any other ww1 pieces also so let me know of those too and I’ll buy them also. Thanks!Ben


I’m more looking for one with its band at the moment as i don’t have the means to make a new one


i will take a look at mine. have replaced copper bands fully close to
original. takes a lathe and a 20 ton press both of which i have excess
to. if interested, i will see what i can do. the main thing is the
copper ring has to have an ID of three inches, plus the thickness of the
ring. so will have to start with something around 3.5 inches dia. joe


I mean if i could see photos of the projectile first. Frankly i had intended to buy one with original band, but i am definitely thinking about maybe this is another option. I’ll keep you updated,Ben


thanks for the reply. will send picture when i get back to N.Y. joe