Looking for a 3mm Kolibri



At the risk of being indiscreet, I would like to announce that I would like to purchase a 3mm Kolibri if someone is interested in divesting themselves of one for a reasonable sum.

I have a small private collection that I have been unsuccessfully trying to improve for years and I do mean a lot of years. I just joined the IAA this weekend. I joined the IAA because I don’t have enough knowledge about cartridge collecting and I need to know more. I got to know Iconoclast via the Gunbroker Forums and his in-depth knowledge about cartridge-related matters rekindled my interest to pursue collecting as I have learned a great deal from his posts. So here I am.

My preference is for a real-time “Want-to-buy - Want to sell” message board or forum where anyone (member or not) can post their buy, sell or trade requests. IMHO, WTB, WTS, or WTT ads or requests don’t belong in the technical forum at all because it should be reserved for technical content only. The WTB/WTS requests need their own location. IMHO, the ads do not need to run in the journal before appearing on their own board. I would think that one of the objectives of the IAA would be to promote a clearinghouse where anyone could offer WTB/WTS requests (not auctions) so that the specimens can be preserved in collections. I would rather have that opportunity offered on this website rather than up for auction on some other website.

I am looking forward to being a member.




The 3mm Kolibri can be a very hard item to find these days. One or two popped up on Ebay in the last few years, and likewise gunbroker. Good luck on finding one.


Welcome aboard, Greg! Great to see you here, and particularly as a new IAA member!



Someone will have a Kolibri for sale at the St. Louis show. If you can’t go ask someone who is to look for it for you. Also, there may be one in the auction so check with Steve Fuller.