Looking for a topic


a few weeks ago there was a topic where someone was comparing Winchester primer to gaupillat (or gevelot) primer;
I don’t find it anymore.

Could you please send me the link


JP–There was a thread about the “W” on Winchester primers being sued by S.F.M. Is that what you were looking for?


Or was this the one you wanted.


These are all I can find.


Thanks Ron, but it is not that.

It was about one month (perhaps one and half months) ago;

the guy was wondering about the fact the winchester (UMC) primer was like an old Gevelot (gaupillat) one.

He even showed a picture of a sectionned primer.



JP-Are you sure it was on this Forum. I have run several search’s using different Key Words and have found nothing.


yes i am sure
I have searched also and found nothing!


IAA Journal Issue 475 Page 52.

Those who get the eJournal will have seen it, those who have to rely on the USPS and their local delivery person may not have got it yet.


ChrisP–Thanks. I knew I had seen the article JP was looking for, but I forgot it was in the current issue of the eJournal.


Thanks to all very much !!