Looking for an older Igman Konjic logo

I am looking for a proper view of the old Igman Konjic (Bosnia) logo as it was at least used in headstamps and probably on boxes etc.
I tried the web but with little success. I would need it to generate a b/w image of the logo for a data base.
Does anybody happen to have a box or catalog featuring this logo? If so I would be glad to get a high res scan of it.

I mean this one:

EOD - by Older, how old do you mean? That logo was used on the headstamp of some Igman Cartridges made not so many years ago, probably after 1990 and maybe after 2000, I forget when. I will try to research it tomorrow, It is late now, and I have I must do before I go to bed. I don’t recall if I have it on a box, or if I have a catalog that shows it. I can probably find a cartridge that has it on the headstamp, but it would be very tiny and probably poor for any kind of reproduction process that basically uses the original symbol simply enhanced. It would likely have to be drawn from scratch.

John, by “older” I meant not the currently used one which is this:
lh3.googleusercontent.com/-avpY … /photo.jpg

I agree that the one I am asking for is not old in terms of ages but more in terms of just not being the current one.
It would be great if you would have it somewhere in your research.

EOD - I found a version of the more or less current trademark for Igman. It is not like the one you show in this thread, but then it is not like the one you showed as a separate attachment to the thread, either. It is at the top of a year 2000 catalog. The 2001 and 2002 catalogs show the same Logo as the red one in your attachment, although I do not think the use of the red color was consistent with Igman for the “modern” logo, as I have it in black on catalog material. It appears the color was somewhat whimsical; that is, that they used the same trademark since about 2001, but in different color tones.

I will try to scan this trademark at around 600 ppi and see how it comes out. If it works, I will send it to you by direct email, and you may post it or not on this thread, as you please. You will see the differences from your “red one” but I will point them out in the email regardless.


how about this one ?


I looked through all my rifle calibers and boxes and only came up with these so far. Alex, I can email you the full resolution if you like, or take a different picture if you like.


Rene and Joe, this is the one I am looking for!
Do you happen to have the boxes for them where the logo is featured in a better quality resp. larger size?

Alex, Igman has not been consistent with the use of their logos and as far as I cant tell the current one is actually the oldest. For example, you can find their current logo in the back of Igman boxes imported by Sherwood in 1985. Also, you can find both logos at the same time, like the headstamp posted by Joe which can be found packed in boxes with their current logo and a 2007 date.

Yes, that is a bit confusing. Still looking for the one in question.

Darn, I was just at my friends ammo store (I go once every two weeks). I could have surely picked up a box. I looked at my boxes and do not have this symbol, but I also do not have the .303" box this round came out of. I will ask the person I got the round from, to bring the box over this weekend. He was just here last night. You know, I did not check my .22 rimfire boxes. I have to leave for my mothers Birthday party (she is 86), but I will check those later.


Joe, no hurry! As I understood the chance to find the logo on a box is little since (so far) all observations were made on headstamps.

And bolts.


Just got home and looked but no cigar, sorry I tried. l will contact my friend who has the box and have him bring it over this weekend.



He emailed me back today and said he got rid of that .303" box some time back, but would check some 7.62x54R for the earlier box logo. This is the Russian fellow that was excited about the stock certificate if you remember.


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Joe, certainly I do!
Thank you for all the effort. Let us see if somebody will be successfull on this hunt.

Alex, did not forget about you. may be next week or later until he digs out more info.


Alex, just a note in case you were wondering. I Have not forgotten you. Gorbenko is still looking for literature in his spare time for the symbol you seek, so I can scan it and post here and also email you a copy.


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Joe, thanks! No hurry here. I will be happy if the sought symbol will show up in the papers then.

Alex, Just to let you know, I did not forget about you and your quest. My friend has looked and cannot find any literature like he thought he had.


Joe, no worries. I also thought that the logo should be easier to find as it must have been featured on all sort of documents and catalogs of the time but for what ever reason it seems not to be the case. I am still hoping somebody will come up with one sooner or later.