Looking for any of these listed .303 books

Does anyone have any of these listed below for sale or know where I can look.

“Canada and the .303-British 1892-1992,” by C. R. MacDonald

The Military .303 Cartridge, It’s History & Variations," by Lynn H. Harris

“The Colonial Ammunition Company Caliber .303 Cartridges,” by Barry Gracia

“headstamps and Markings on British Service .303” ammunition," by Labbett

“British .303 Inch Ammunition (Special Loadings, 1915-1945)” by Labbett and Brown

“Canadian Manufactured .303” British Ammunition," by W. A. Wonch



I have “The Military .303 Cartridge, It’s History & Variations,” by Lynn H. Harris.
Email me if interested. It is in excellent condition, I am asking $163. I also do not know of another copy for sale. Very hard to find.