Looking for article by Francis Latoir on 11mm Belgian ctg

I am looking for a copy of an article by Francis Latoir regarding “The 11mm Belgian Infantry Cartridge”. According to Brad Dixon on Comblain Cartridges the article was published in “The Cartridge Collector” 237-2:9/84. I think he means the ECRA bulletin, as I can’t find such an article in my meager back-issue pile of IAA journals.

This article has eluded me for years. Can anyone help?

Cyberwombat (I still love that name) - The Cartridge Collector was the name of the ECRA bulletin, never that of ICCA (IAA). The issue is 237, item 237-2. It is 4 and 1/4 pages long.

Email me your address and I will send you a photocopy of the article. I don’t have time to scan it, so will have to do it on my copier (much qucker) and mail it to you. Send it to my home email please. You can find that in any issue of the IAA Journal for the last ten years, ending with the last issue of 2007 (am not the Secretary anymore). If you can’t find it, PM me, but I am have lots of trouble accessing this Forum, and might not see it for days.