Looking for Century Arms Ammo


Based on recent posts on the Forum, Century Arms has been selling Ukrainian 9mm Luger headstampse HOTSHOT LU 9 mm Luger and Slovakian (ZVS) 9mmP headstamped HOTSHOT 9mm Luger. I also understand that they may have also offered Red Army brand 9mm Luger ammo.

When I went on the Century website today, all they had was Ukrainian 9mm Luger Hotshot and it was only available to someone with an FFL.

Has anyone bought any of these brands of 9mm?



I just found the Hotshot stamped steel cased Ukrainian 9mm at this website:

libertytreecollectors.com/p … dcategory=

Shouldn’t require a FFL to purchase from them.


Thanks Leon!!! I have an order in with them! Now wish I could find some of the brass case HotShot by ZVS!



Would this be the brass case ZVS type you are looking for?:



Very interesting DK. I have the same exact box, marked on the back for Century Arms, but for 124 gr-bullet 9 mm Para ammo. I sent Lew Curtis a copy of the box for his files. Perhaps if he reads this he can post my pictures on this thread so the boxes for both bullet weights are shown. It is a shame they sell only by 1000 rounds. I would like to find a box of the 115 grain as well.


Just saw a photo of the headstamp posted online for the brass-cased ZVS load. It still seems to be sold only in 500 or 1000rd lots from the few retail sellers online carrying it.


Here is a different version of ZVS headstamp as compared to the earlier one I posted above. No idea if this is common in the U.S. or not?