Looking for drawings and catalogues

I am looking for scans of :

  1. factory drawings of :
  • pre 1908 British shotshells.
  • pre 1908 German shotshells.
  • pre 1939 Czeckoslovakian shotshells.
  1. pages of old catalogues (before 1908) showing shotshells.
  2. Manufacturing tables giving dimensions of shotshells (pre 1908).

If some people prefer to keep the ones they have only for their eyes (as it happens unfortunately), they just have to think I can give them in exchange factory drawings scans of almost any ctge (shotshell, riffle, revolver, aso) manufactured either in their own country or in another one and this from 1890 to 1939.
Or if they prefer, any patent (British or French) from 1830 to 1939.

It is very difficult to find old documentation, and very sad to know that many people have some, do nothing with it, and prefer to keep it only for their eyes.