Looking for Drawings (Metric) of Projectiles

I continue the search for well-done drawings of Military Projectiles with all the Measurement specifications, including Radii of Ogives, and Points ( Round Nosed). I have already collected a wide variety of Cartridge specifications from previous IAA Posts, but the Projectiles are usually only part of the General cartridge designs, and not separately drawn and dimensioned. The following are needed ASAP please

German 7,9mm Kurz-Patrone (PP43) projectile;
German T18 (TuF Gew) FMJBT projectile, 13mm.
Austro-Hungarian M88/M93 RN Heavy projectile (8x50R )
Austrian-Hungarian-Bulgarian 8x56R “S” M30 FMJ-BT projectile;
Italian 6,5mm M91 projectile, High cannelure ( late 1930s, WW II) for Mouth crimp.
Japanese T38 Arisaka ( spitzer) 6,5 projectile…Might be in English/Kynoch records.
Japanese 7,7mm T99 rifle. Projectile
Dutch M95 6,5 RN Projectile
Spanish 7mm RN (M93) Projectile
Swedish 6,5 RN M94 & Spitzer M41 Prykskytte.
Greek 6,5 RN projectile
Portuguese 8mm Kropatschek M1886 & Port. M904 6,5 RN projectiles;
US .30 M1 (172 gn) & US .30Govt. (Krag) RN

We already have designs for .303 Marks VI & VII, Lebel Mle 86D, US .30 M2, and 7,62 L2A2 Aust in prodfuction; and German 7,9mm. Geschoss 88, “S” and “sS” in hand.

The CNC-Brass solids for .303, .30, 8mmLebel and 7,62 are already in production for shooters.

For collectors of “Ephemera” ( paper labels etc ) we have some available.

Doc AV…Many TIA
AV Ballistics Technical Services

Direct Email with Attachments...info@avballistics.com.au

Doc AV

The Woodin Lab would probably have drawings of the U.S. bullets (not projectiles), although the dimensions would not be metric. Whether they are organized enough for someone to quickly get the ones you want is anyone’s guess. You might ask Bill or Norm.

Good luck.