Looking for ID for a couple of 22 headstamps

You can disregard the CCI 22 LR on the left – until I looked at the photo, I thought the headstamp was an O.

The 22 Short in the middle, I had identified as Union Cap & Chemical, but would appreciate confirmation. The only photo I found of a UCC headstamp showed a slightly different cross.

I wasn’t sure about the 22 Long on the right, and a google search for “a headstamp” was not particularly productive.

Thanks in advance,

That looks more like an O than a C to me. In any case, Winchester Australia used an O headstamp on .22LR for a while. Not sure if America did the same.

The cross I have no idea.

Aguila uses an A headstamp on their .22 Short although slightly different to this example. I’ll dig up a picture for you.

Thanks. I’ve had it cataloged as an O for years, but after cleaning it up a little, and zooming in on the photo, I’m fairly sure it’s C.

I should have taken a profile shot of #3 while I was at it, but it’s a fairly old 22 Long HP. I just found the list of headstamp codes in the IAA reference section, and I’m leaning toward one of these two:

  • American Cartridge Company, Kansas City, MO
  • American Metallic Cartridge Co., South Coventry, CT




American Cartridge Co. Kansas City, MO according to the White & Munhall headstamp book.

Thank you, Gentlemen! That 22box-id website is an excellent reference – I wish I’d been aware of it earlier.