Looking for identification of shell 20 x 99 found in Romania

Hey everyone,

Im curious of the origin of a 20 x 99 mm (based on my measurements) shell I found. No visible markings on it. Anyone have some thoughts? From the research I did I was thinking either from a soviet ShVAK or a Berezin B-20.

Level234, welcome here!

I am not sure how you came to your conclusion but for the moment I think this is not even ammunition.

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I quote EOD, neither a driving band is present nor barrel grooves
It seems to me it is brass made, do you confirm?
Has it a screwed hole in the flat base?
Is it two-piece made joint at middle height?

Mason’s plumb…?



You seem to be a bit confused by the dimensions, 20x99R (ShVAK) is the neck diameter and total length of a casing type, it has nothing to do with the length of the projectile (of which an ammunition type can have multiple and of multiple types, shapes and lengths). If your object matches these dimensions, it is by pure coincidence.

This is definitely not a shell.

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