Looking for info on an Ammo Box

My mother has just given me what I believe to be an Ammo Box, so I’m just looking whether anybody can give me any more information on it. I assume it belonged to my father but he would only be 8 when it was made.
The information on the top of the lid says:
MK1 1949 HB&S
Can anybody provide any information?

Many Thanks,

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Hi Lisa,

Welcome aboard. Dimensions would be useful to have. Is there anything inside (compartments etc).

Thanks for getting back to me.
The dimensions are 4 inches wide x 6.5 inches length x 1.5 inches depth.
There are no compartments inside.

Huntley, Bourne & Stevens was a British company who made Biscuit Tins most with fancy printed decorations. I’m not sure but this could be made by them and not an ammo box. I may be way off base on this but it’s just a thought.

I am almost certain it is not ammunition related. Possibly for electronic or radio spare parts, or even spare parts of machinery. But, a hand size for storing personal items (wallet, pictures, money, etc) so probably kept for that use.

Looks very untypical for ammo. Likelier it is for any other equipment.