Looking for info on Dansk Ammunitionsfabrik, Otterup Denmark

All I have been able to find is that it was established by Hans Schultz in the year 1911, mainly with Swedish shareholders. I understand that after WWII it was about 25% owned by Norma.

I have a box loaded by this company using Norma brass (and perhaps bullets). This is the only box I have encountered by this company.

Any information on the company would be appreciated as would just some URLs to check on the internet.


Lew - here is the info from my database on DA.

The A/S Dansk Ammunitionsfabrik (Danish Ammunition Factory), located at Otterup Denmark operated from 1911-1980. This business was founded in 1911 by Norma in conjunction with the gunmaking company of Schultz and Larsen.

Schultz and Larsen had been in operation since 1904 and produced test barrels for Norma. In fact Niels Larsen was the president of the Dansk Ammunitionsfabrik plant for many years.

The A/S Dansk Ammunitionsfabrik in Otterup, Denmark evidently never made their own cases. They typically used reloaded cases or new cases made elsewhere, mostly from Norma in Åmotfors, Sweden.

The main types of ammunition produced were match rifle cartridges (for the shooting clubs), some hunting cartridges (mainly reloads using military cases eg 6.5x55 (SC64), 8x58R Krag (SC65), 8x57 Mauser (M32) and also cattle killer cartridges. Reloads of 6.5x55 and 8x57 carried out by A/S/ Dansk Ammunitionsfabrik used a circular mark overprinted on the headstamp, after WW2 1947-1949. Their seems to be some relationship between Hærens Laboratory and Dansk Ammunitionsfabrik - see pkt label.

They also produced the shortened case reloads of the 11.6x40R (SC38) for Greenland in the 1950’s and 60’s (see the packet at right) mostly loaded with Norma NP primers .

The company typically used a “DA” hs on new cases which are scarce and were produced by other companies as it is believed that DA never produced cases (RSACCA #213). They are also known to have used “D.A.” primers.

The company ceased operations in 1980.

Perfect! This is hat I was looking for. Can you give me a reference for this information, or is it a history you have compiled from other sources. If so I would like to credit you.

The sources I have been able to find indicate Schultz established the ammo company as a sister company to his and teamed with Norma. My source-Danish Wikipedia-gave about 1919 as the date when Schultz became Schultz and Larsen although Schultz married Larsen’s daughter in 1916.

These sources never seen to be consistant!


There exists a 349 page Danish book, titled:

Schultz & Larsen Otterup Gevaerfabrik
published in 2007 by Devantier in Naestved (Denmark)
ISBN might (!) be 9-788-7909-7507-4

but so far I was not able to locate a copy.

Lew, that information comes from a variety of sources, incl: IAA Forum (eg Phillipe Reigenstreif, Mausernut etc), other Scandinavian web info and also original research by me from a variety of packet images, cartridges, auction lists etc. The info has been combined and filtered for accuracy and then cross referenced with my other references for consistency.

WDB, Great! I will credit it to you. Many thanks. Your help is much appreciated.


Since you guys did such a great job on this one, I have a closely related question. At least I suspect it is closely related.

Is Dansk Industri Syndikat (see the box below) related to Dansk Ammunitionsfabrik or is it something totally seperate or is it perhaps another spinoff of Schultz & Larsen???

Again, any help appreciated.


Dansk Industri Syndikat, Compagnie Madsen A/S (short DISA or popular “Madsen”) has no relation to Dansk Ammunitionsfabrik A/S, for sure.
DISA developed and produced weapons (mostly without bigger success) and was at it’s prime wellknown for it’s famous machinegun, which saw worldwide service. But they made a lot more rifles, SMG, machinecanons etc.
DISA never produced ammo nor developed it. Calibers related are for example 11.35mm Madsen, 20mm Madsen, 23mm Madsen. Ammo-developement (and production) came from other companies, for example ICI Kynoch and Bofors.
DISA always offered their guns plus ammo. Ammo orders went to sub-contractors and were delivered by DISA (like your very fine box of swedish Metallverken 9Para).

You guys are always a pleasure!

Many thanks for setting me straight!


And the Spanish language label is explained by South American countries being amongst the main customers for Madsen SMGs (which never became too popular).