Looking for info on this 4 bore cartridge

I bought a box of random 50 cal cartridges from a guy and these were buried in there along with some other random boxes. I know (I think) they are 4 bore rounds but i can’t find any additional info on them. The primer have small protrusions in their centers that may look like divots in the photos. I am sure at least one of them is a lead bullet, the other one has the same casting marks but is bronze in color. I would really appreciate any information on these. Origin, history, value, construction etc…

Thank you!


Billy, these are Australian 4 bore 4 1/4" nitro cartridges made by Imperial Cartridge Co., Melbourne, Victoria for gunmakers London Guns. Three different bullet loadings were offered, all weighing 2040 grains: solid, copper tubed and hollow point.

Thank you for the information, would these be safe to fire or have they aged into the “conversation piece” stage of life?


Well I’ll jump in, there is no way those can be very old, maybe less than 20 years at the most is my guess.
But I would not have to GUESS if I was going to shoot one in a gun, it would kick sooo hard I would know for sure I would not do it. Too much pain!!!

While reasonably new production (I would put it at closer to 30-35 years) and probably safe to fire, they would be worth a fair bit.
Although if you happen to have a 4 bore to shoot them through, you can probably afford to shoot these for fun!