Looking for Info on UMC .30 Luger unopened box

Picked up this unopened box of UMC .30 cal Luger cartridges recently at estate sale in Virginia recently. I am not a knowledgeable collector but I was drawn to the graphics. I am hopeful to pick up some information as to its age and does it have any collectible value?

Union Metallic Cartridge Company, in name, disappears about 1911 and becomes Remington-Union Metallic Cartridge Company. Your full box, which is in reasonably good condition and in a relatively popular collecting field - auto pistol - is a very nice fine. It certainly is not common to find a box in this caliber like this, over 100 years old.

I do not deal with specific values, but I would place this box as having fairly high value and it certainly is very, very “collectable.”

John Moss

There may be a stamp, perhaps in red on the back of the box, or even the remains of a stamp. If there is, please post a photo. This would be a date stamp code of numbers and letters.

UMC began making this caliber and load at the end of 1901. I suspect that they didn’t start using date codes until 1909 since the code that year is “A” and almost all of the UMC 30 luger boxes I have seen do not have a date code. I do have a UMC 9mm Luger box with the date code “B” which would be 1910. As John indicated, there may have been UMC boxes from 1911 but I have not documented one. The two companies merged their names effective Feb 1911 and formally merged in 1912.

Dating boxes almost always takes a bit of guess work since some strange things show up. The box below is not in my collections but deserves mention. The box style, particularly the white box, dates from the mid-1920s,but when the current owner found it, it was filled with UMC headstamped hollow point cartridges.


Congratulations on your find. Old US boxes are a great collecting area and a surprising number show up.


Thank you very much for the great information. I appreciate it very much!!

Thanks for the information. I will check on the date stamp and if visible I will post picture.